Bought a New Pair of Shoes? Read this before you wear them

Shoes are every girl’s best friend, and no girl can have enough of them. But every time you buy a new pair of shoes, be it heels, flats or even sports shoes; there is one problem we all encounter. What? It us the monster called “shoe bite,” which spoils our very first experience of wearing our favorite new pair of shoes. But we don’t want you to regret buying that perfect pair of heels or shoes and discard them because they give you shoe bite. Therefore, we have come up with some great remedies which can help you prevent shoe bite altogether. Check out some of the quick and easy ways to fit into a new pair of shoes without giving yourself a terrible shoe bite.

Firstly, Find the Best Possible Fit

Long Shoes

We know that it is kind of impossible to resist a pair of shoes once they appeal you on the very first sight. But before you become a proud owner of those perfect pair of shoes it is important you consider your comfort level. Sometimes the toe area is a tad bit tight in new shoes, and we try to squeeze our feet to fit in so that we don’t have to give those lovely little boots. But the smart thing to do is not getting carried away by the charming design of the shoe and look for the best possible shoe. To find the best possible fit, you must keep in mind that shoe shopping must be done during evenings. Our feet get swollen after the day which can be troublesome if you are already wearing a boot which isn’t that comfortable. Shop for the perfect pair of shoes that fits you appropriately in the evening and enjoy your new bundle of joy.

Some Preventive Remedies

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Girls as we are, no matter how hard we try, we end up falling for only those pair of shoes which keeps us uncomfortable all day long. Shoe bite then becomes a natural consequence. Though we can’t do anything about our love for high maintenance shoes, we sure can try to prevent shoe bites from troubling us. You ask how? Our grandma’s left us with many precious home remedies which are effective. Just resort to some of the age-old herbal remedies our mothers and grandmothers always tell you and you will have happy feet in a jiffy. Applying a little petroleum jelly inside the shoe and leaving it overnight can work wonders. You can also use coconut oil or raw potato slice inside the shoe for two nights before wearing and see the magic. These preventive remedies will surely help you with your shoe bite problem.

What if You Get a Shoe Bite?

What if You Get a Shoe Bite

Do You get a shoe bite even after taking the preventive measures to avoid it? No worries, we have a solution for that too. Take half cup rice, make a powder out of it, add some water to make a thick paste and apply on the affected area. Leave it as it is until it completely dries, then rinses it off. You will get quick relief. Neem and turmeric paste are also really useful in providing relief from shoe bite. Make a thick paste using neem leaves and turmeric, apply it on the shoe bite area and you will see that this herbal remedy will quickly dry up the bite.

Or You Could only Make Them Fit

Black Dress and Shoes

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You can also try making the shoe fit. You can plaster the big toe and second finger to reduce the gap between the two. This will ensure that the shoe fits comfortably. You can also use thick socks made from wool or some other material to expand the shoes forcefully to fit your feet. Wear your new pair of shoes with thick socks and move around your home. This will make them comfortable for wearing outdoors.

Apart from this you can use a stretching tool or try heating your shoes in a controlled manner, using a blow dry to stretch it. But be careful with the stretching tools or you might end to making your shoe a size too big for your feet.

Try these easy hacks and enjoy wearing that lovely pair of heels, or boots or whatever you like the most.

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