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BMW 7 Series Reviews 2016

BMW 7 Series Reviews 2016

BMW 7-Series Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

BMW 7 Series always struggle to match the many achievements and benchmarks set by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but it is not for want of trying with a stellar line-up of diesel and petrol engines. The understanding of BMW 7 Series is still an excellent selection and brilliant than five series and proper Limousine.

BMW 7 Series is that high strain, a gorgeous and well-equipped car that is also fun to drive. Its competitors as well as the elegant and understated Audi A8, the hugely capable Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the luxurious Range Rover. Its mean the new 7 Series arrives later, or the current model should be available at keen prices. One more quality of BMW 7 Series is that it is too good to drive as the Jaguar XJ and Mercedes S-Class.

While this is a biggest 7 Series the company has built, it is 130 kg lighter than the old model of BMW. It’s mean, BMW 7 Series is much faster than you might think. The 3.0-litre diesel set gets from 0-62mph just in 6.1 seconds. Also, a lot of gear comes as ordinary, ranging from predictable kit-such as alloy wheels, sat-nav and climate control, including heated back seats and that clever wirelessly charging key fob.


  • Fun to drive
  • Top-quality interior
  • Brilliant diesel engines


  • Firm suspension
  • Poor resale values
  • Uneconomical petrol engines

On the Inside

BMW 7-Series Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

BMW 7 Series is a beautiful and biggest saloon that providing lots of passenger space in both front and back seats – while you have to pay additional for reclining raise seats in rivals such as the Audi A8, Jaguar XJ and Mercedes-Benz S-Class,  BMW 7 Series fits them as standard.

The inside of 7 Series offers a beautiful design, high-quality leathers and perfect combination of wood veneers and metal precise. The sat-nav functions via a 10.3-inch exhibit with semi-precious stone bright graphics.

Tick a few boxes and you’ll have more controls, turns and gizmos than the Space Commute. Highlights insert a spectacular Bang and Olufsen audio system, and a Blue-ray player secured up to a pair of 10-inch screens in the stern.

All models of BMW 7 Series are beautifully designed and have a 515-litre boot that deals with most luggage requirement with ease. Its boot space is bigger that you get in the Audi A8 (490-litres), Mercedes S-Class (510-litres) and Jaguar XJ (479-litres).


BMW 7-Series Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

It is as good to drive as the rivals. Some well-judged ride and display settings, from support for the sport, permit you to change the car’s equipment to suit the road and your mood. All versions serve from hi-tech Drive Dynamic Control with shifting dampers, which works up five settings; ECO PRO, Comfort, Comfort+, Sport and Sport+.

The pressure for lethal aid does appear to have come at the expense of an involving ride. It’s not the most impressive car to drive, but when we tested the 7 Series in 2016, we gained ourselves effortlessly grabbing country roads at 60mph – while the cabin is so dumb, you continually amaze yourself when you take a glance at the Speedo in the head-up arrangement. It surely doesn’t feel like a heavy, long car once you’re following the wheel – and that’s maybe the positive praise for the big BMW 7 Series. But, if you want a limo that’s fun to drive than the Jaguar XJ is the car to go for.


The engine line-up was heavily developed as part of the facelift. There are two diesel choices – a 254bhp 730d and 309bhp 740d – while a total of four petrol possibilities, containing a 316bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder, a range-topping 536bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine in the 760i and turbocharged engine in the 740i.

All 7 Series models of BMW now get smooth and sensitive eight-speed electronic gearbox as a measure, as well as stop-start, brake energy recuperation and electronic power steering. The Active Hybrid 7 is controlled by a 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol engine connected to an electric device, for a total product of 349bhp and a 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds.

It’s intelligent of driving on electric power solely for a few miles, but there isn’t a selectable electric-only style and the petrol engine is always keen to get connected.

Safety and Reliability

BMW 7-Series Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

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Naturally for a flagship model the 7 Series is stuffed full of passive and active safety technology before-mentioned as radar-based self-sufficient driving as well as LED beacons.

For enhanced all-weather inclinations, the 7 Series can be designated with the latest version of BMW’s Drive four-wheel-drive system.

Not the new model or the old have been tested by Euro NCAP but rest guaranteed BMW has made the 7 Series as secure as it probably can.

Value for Money

BMW 7-Series Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

As you would think for a luxury saloon car, even basic models of the BMW 7 Series comes jam-packed full of gear. In fact, the stock list is too high to list, but highlights insert 18-inch metal wheels, four-zone weather control, keyless entry, a 10.3-inch exhibit that comes intact with sat-nav and is agreeable with some of the apps on your Smartphone, and luxurious leather inside.

BMW Company has worked hard to secure its range-topper as stress-free as probable day-to-day. To that end, all models also introduce with an excellent eight-speed electronic gearbox, LED beacons that turn on and set automatically, auto wipers and automatic voyage control.


If you require a luxury saloon that’s enjoyable to drive and prepared with technology that will make you gawp then laugh, the BMW 7-series is the one to pick. The 730d is the greatest mixture of dazzling display and remarkable refinement as well as outstanding fuel economy. The Mercedes S-class is still a genuine driver car, but the BMW 7 series now delivers pretty well in this performance, too.

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