5 Best Quran Apps in the Market

Technology has revolutionized the world. It’s high time to adopt this boom to meet our religious needs. In this highly busy world, one thing that we can’t live without is our mobile phone. What can be better than using this tool for learning the Holy Quran? This way you can learn the Quran anywhere and Read More…

Spin Bike VS Recumbent Bike

Spin Bike VS Recumbent Bike

We all are familiar with stationary bikes that are used in gyms for daily workouts and exercises. These bikes can help us reduce 600 to 1000 calories in just one hour of a workout session. Burning this high amount of calories is important for the people who are suffering from the problem of obesity or Read More…

Easy Turkey Burger Recipe

Tasty and Easy Turkey Burger Recipe

As a big eater, I’m prone to going through phases with food. A couple of months ago, it was kimchi. Last month it was houmous. This month it’s turkey. What’s so great about turkey? Well apart from being crazy delicious, it’s packed full of protein (even more so than chicken), is very low in fat, and usually, you get Read More…

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