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Best Way to Drive Safely in Winter During Fog

Best Way to Drive Safely in Winter During Fog

Fog and moist weather are the most dangerous and challenging for driving, especially if it is dense fog or combined with other adverse weather conditions. Inclement weather can be both hazardous and frightening for all types of vehicles. However, there are some possible conditions that you can reduce your risk of a crash.

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Always Keep Increase the Distance Between Vehicles

Distance is imperative and Increase your count distance between two vehicles by 5 seconds instead of the usual range. Never use high speed to get out of the smog.

Try to Use Caution All Times

The continuous moisture in the air may make it harder to see for driving. Adjust the windshield wiper and defroster speed where as necessary.

Use Fog Lights or Driving Lights

Fog Veiw on Highway at Morning

Many vehicles have their driving lights or fogs light that were installed at the factory. These lights are usually present in mounted low, in or on the front side of the bumper. Fog lights are mostly differing from driving lights. These light are specially design for fog weather condition. Fog lights often have yellow or clear lenses while driving lights have clear lenses. Fog lights create this beam of light is commonly flat and broad pattern; to stay close the minimize reflection back by fog and road surface. If you do use fog lights, they must be switched off when eye-distance visibility improves. This applies to both front and backside of fog lamps. Driving in fog is just like a scary

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Drive Only if it’s Needed

Yes, you have heard it on the different newspaper and media that weather forecast plenty of times, but some people stay it for a reason. Don’t go outside if you don’t need. Go outside in that condition if your journey is urgent or important.

Don’t go out until the visibility improves. If not, it might be better to stay inside, use a cup of tea

Avoid Using High Beams

Many drivers consider that foggy weather conditions mean that you have to use the sharp lights you can. That’s entirely the wrong thing to do. The visibility in front of you will sharply decrease in a fog, so do not use high beam lights in fog weather

Follow the Lines

When you are driving in a thick fog, don’t remember to follow the lines on the road with your eyes. The good ways to ensure you stay in your lane. Drivers are typically attracted to lights. So it’s good to watch the lines continuously when you are driving within your lane and Keep your eyes moving around.

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Always Beware of Critters

Fog on a Road

Beware of those animals–mainly white tail deer—do not seem lighter under cover of fog and are much difficult to see in foggy weather.

Maintain your Driving Speed

Always drive slowly in the midst. Carefully turn when you are on a road, look front and back side of the road, follow the mirrors. When it’s dense fog in the way, then you can’t see the road clearly in front of you. To maintain the speed is one of your best options for avoiding an accident in these situations. Please don’t think and come an idea about fast driving in the fog, keep watching your speedometer

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Turn On the Radio

Fog is just like a drag. You have to drive slowly; you can’t see properly, and that makes your travel even more annoying as you don’t want. Some people think that to turning up the radio is pass the time. The radio and fog could not have any correlation.Actually; turning on the stereo is not the best idea.

Right Edge of the Road

Using of head lights in foggy Weather

Always use the right side of the road which can help you avoid running into oncoming traffic

Should be Aware of Local Weather Situation

Fog can often be an evening or morning, and its weather depends on upon condition, so if possible, try to avoid driving during these times. Also be aware of local areas fog conditions, as defined areas of cold temperature, and other areas of lakes and rivers.

More Tips

Try to check your mirrors before you slow down.

You don’t need your fog lights on if the road has already turned on the street lights

Beware of other drivers those who are not using headlights.

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