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Best Tips To Clean Your House

Best Tips To Clean Your House

Cleaning Items

Why Should We Clean Our House?

The house is a place where all family members live, sleep, enjoy work and do many tasks. Infect home is heaven for us, so we should clean and maintain our heaven. A home that is not clean properly actually is the house of bacteria and germs. Children, elders, pets, and elderly include in-house members. A dirty house will lead your family members to many diseases like allergy, sore throat, and a respiratory infection that is dangerous for their lives.

I don’t like a dirty home. I want in my home neat, clean and fresh all the time. Dust is a big problem now a day. In my point of view, it’s important to keep your house neat and clean all the time. According to new research many people in America spent their 50% time at home and children spend their 90% time in indoor activities.Clean and organize house is the primary need of every member of home, but in some stages, the situation becomes more critical regarding cleanliness and hygiene.

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I love clean things and clean my home, and I want everything is clean, and sparkle but I hate to waste too much time and money on cleaning. A clean house gives you piece of mind, relax and calm otherwise messy house always increase your tension, and you cannot do any work easily. Many types of chemical products are available in the market to clean different things of the house like pots, clothes, microwave, fridge, window, door, floor, etc. but I have some use full and homemade tips to clean your house in minutes. They are economical easy to use and free from the chemical. Once you learn these tips, then you can do you things clean in minutes. In my point of view some things are used for cleaning different things like:

These Are the necessary items that use for cleansing.

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Tips to Clean a Mirror

The mirror is the thing that I use many times in a day. Therefore my mirror must be neat clean and new all the time. Usually, you buy mirror cleaner to clean your mirror, but I don’t spend my money on this. I just take some vinegar and old newspaper that sits my mirror will be clean in minutes and in an economical way.

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Tip to Clean Microwave

The microwave is the thing that frequently use in a day for many purposes. But it becomes so messy and grassy and makes bad ordure of different things that you have a cook in the microwave oven.

Well, I don’t spend money on buying microwave cleaner, as it has a chemical that is not good for health. I just take a cup of vinegar and a whole lemon. Grind this in a blender and mix them well. Then I put the cup in the microwave and turn on the microwave for few minutes until the water boil. After this don’t open the door for 10 minutes. During this process, the streams will soft all the particle and lemon will deodorize, and vinegar will create an odor.

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Tips to Clean your Refrigerator

The refrigerator uses all the day to save many foods item from spoiling. It is an excellent thing for our food so the dirt fridge will become the house of bacteria and jams. To clean your fridge, first of all, take out all the bad food then clean it with a cloth with the help of baking soda and water. Erase all lines and spots and clean. Baking soda is work best as a cleanser.

If you are worry about the bad smell of fridge then just put a cup of coffee in your fridge. Replace it after two months.

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To Clean you Stove or any Other Grassy Item

Best Way to Clean kitchen

  • Take the cup of vinegar and add some lemon peels and cover it.
  • Put this jar for two weeks.
  • After that take out the lemon peel and add an equal amount of water in it.
  • Your natural cleanser is ready to clean your stove and other grassy items. It works best like a professional.
  • To clean your window and door
  • You can use above tip to clean your window and door.

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Tip to Clean your Sink

Kitchen sink must be clean all the time because all pots are washing at the sink. To clean your sink with natural way follows my advice.

  • Take baking soda and vinegar and mix them well.
  • Now wash you sink with this paste with the help of sponge or cloth.

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Tip to Clean you Furniture

Couple with Cleaning Tools

Furniture is the thing that is the most important thin that uses in our house for sitting, sleeping and many other purposes. To make your furniture new, you have to follow a tip that is very easy.

You need

Olive oil or vegetable oil           1 cup

Lemon juice                               ½ cup

  • Mix them and clean your furniture with a soft cloth.
  • Your furniture shines as it is new.

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Tip to Clean your Room Bath Tub

Bathroom tub is must be clean and clear all the time because we take a bath in the tub.

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  • First, wet the tub with water.
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the tub.
  • You can vinegar to get more result.
  • Now take sponge or brush and clean your tub by rubbing sponge.
  • Wash with water. Now you bathroom tube is sparkle and clean

Tip to Clean your Garbage Disposable

Ohh, garbage bigger problem for home. I empty my basket of the bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, and lawn daily. But sometimes it creates the bad smell. To solve this problem I have some tips like

  • Cut a lemon half and grind it with some water.
  • Now throw this in the basket.
  • Take orange or lemon peel.
  • Grind them with vinegar.
  • Now make ice cube and throw some cubes in the basket.
  • Wash your basket after some time.

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Homemade Air Freshener

Well, you people buy many types of air freshener to make your home fresh. But you know these are full of a chemical that is not good for health. I have a recipe to make an air freshener that is natural, free of chemical and economical.

You need

Lemon (1)

Rosemary (2tbs)

Vanilla         (few drops)

  • Mix all the ingredients and grind.
  • Your natural air freshener is ready to use.

For Another Recipe

Orange (1 slice)

Cinnamon (1tbs)

Nutmeg (1tbs)

Clove (1 tbs)

  • Grind all the ingredients well.
  • You natural air freshener is ready to use.

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