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Best Hair Brush

Best Hair Brush

Use of Hair Brush

Best Hair Brush

Well, the correct definition is imperative to this term to clarify a lot of things. A hair brush is a brush with a stick with soft bristles. These soft bristles help to detangle human hair and sometimes used for grooming of animal fur too. Hair brush also helps in smoothing and styling the hair. They are also used attached to curling iron for proper curls and blow dryers. Quality of the hair hugely depends on upon two things:

  • Type of the hair brush
  • Quality of the hair brush

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Description of Best Hair Brush

Use of Hair Brush

The form of your hair brush must be substantially affecting your hair growth, texture and particularly causing hair damage or hair falls if you are using a wrong brush for your hair. Ask your sister or mother to brush my hair if you don’t like to brush your hair; A hair brush is not only a hair brush you are using to untangle your hair but playing a significant role in improving the quality of your hair. The best part of using an appropriate hair brush is getting the style you want to have. For your guidance, I have mentioned few of the hair brushes with the reference to the hair. If you feel interested, move on!

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Tips for Hair Brush Discipline

Use of Hair Brush

  • Before I move towards my actual topic, I just wanted to share few information related to hair growth and health.
  • Keep your hair clean to avoid your pores to excrete excessive oil.
  • Do not stick to a single shampoo product / company. Try to change according to your hair.
  • Try to oil your hair every week or at least once in two weeks.
  • Try to avoid excessive use of chemicals on your hair. They damage your hair badly. You may face hair fall or lose your hair shine.
  • Prefer to trim your hair up to one inch every month to help them keep growing.
  • Brush your hair properly twice a day to avoid hair fall. (Morning-Night)

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Before You Brush

Use of Hair Brush

The most important step before you brushes your hair is to wash them properly so that they should not be badly tangled to break. Count a huge range of shampoos in your list that suits your hair properly according to your need. Prefer to change your shampoo after a duration of two months.

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Round Metal Brush For Curls

Use of Hair Brush

This brush is perfect for curly style if you want to have. Use a metal brush to finish a curly style, create a volume in it and hold back the curls structure smoothly.

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Mixed Bristle Brush and Boar Bristles

This brush uses two types of bristles for detangling hair no matter how standard or thicker hair you got. If you have thicker hair, choose this brush mainly.

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Why use a Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes was a unique and ubiquitous product that was used from the half of 20th century as for best and shiny hairstyle. Since the 1800’s century the boar bristle brushes have been used to create healthy hair and shiny hairstyle without any styling products.

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Natural Bristle Brush

This hair brush is appropriate for all hair types. The best part of this brush is that it adds shone, redistribute the natural oil of your hair and smooth out the cuticles.

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Flat Hairbrush/Paddle Brush For Straight Hair

Use of Hair Brush

This brush is preferable for the straight hair no matter you are naturally blessed, or you are maintaining a straight style. This paddle brush massages your scalp beautifully and gently detangle them as well. It is known to be ideal for flat ironing too.

Round Brush For Blow-Drying

Use of Hair Brush

This brush makes a sleeker blowout. It can make you style your hair and also bend the strand for a more refined, controlled and neatly finished look.

Teasing Comb

This comb is mostly used for styling. It smooths the stray bits of hair and creates a perfect parting when you need it. You can style your bangs with a teasing comb. It is not specified only for backcombing, but it is also one of its tasks.

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Vented Brush

This brush helps your hair to increase their volume and enhance its texture. The spaces between its teeth make the blow dryer to work faster to dry your hair.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Use of Hair Brush

If your hair is sensitive or weak enough to break easily, prefer wide-tooth comb. It will smoothen your hair and prevent your hair from breaking. Use it before the shower and when your hair are dried up.

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