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Best Face Mask for All Skin Types

Best Face Mask for All Skin Types

Face Mask for Glowing Skin

All those people who are careless about their self they lose their beauty and health soon. Women are very sensitive about their skin. Everyone wants to look attractive, beautiful, and mind blowing. For this purpose, women try different tips and home mask remedies, not only women, but men have also included this race. They also want to become more beautiful and attractive. As you know, women’s skin is more important and sensitive than men’s. Due to busy routines, they do not have time for themselves, but it is not okay.

They should get some spare time for themselves because their body needs some relaxation, same like every machine needs some rest. They have less knowledge about which product is best and which is not. When they go to the supermarkets, they do not know which product is more suitable for their skin. They buy a bundle of products and do experiments with their skin. Their skin is not a laboratory so do not make any tests with your skin.

Skin care in summer is crucial because if the skin is dull and dry, then the personality of the person fades. I prefer a mask if you need freshness on your skin. I am going to describe here the best face mask for all skin Types, what you should need to do and how you should apply these masks on your skin according to your skin type.

What is the Purpose of Face Mask?

Banana Facial Mask

Many people asking such type of questions, why we use facial masks for skin, I know diet is more important than a mask, but skin also needs some food. What kind of food should we provide to our skin? Any fruit mask or anything else? Many people hate to apply the banana mask to their face same as me.

I hate to use egg to my face due to its bad smell. So there are many types of facial masks that deep-cleansing your skin like cactus and cucumber etc. all these are using to overcome healing acne scars and make brightens and prove you the perfect glowing skin. It depends on your skin type because if you know about your skin type, you can take the right decision about the right product for your skin.

We divide surfaces into four main types, I know there are many other subcategories of skins, but we only focus on primary types:

  1. Normal Skin
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Oily Skin
  4. Sensitive Skin

Why We Need Face Mask?

Hmm, it’s critical question why we need to face mask? Let me explain it, I’m telling my friend’s story, she is my age fellow and very curious about their skin care, and I’m falling in the category of careless person. One day we both stand in front of the mirror and you know I was looking five years older than my friend, why I was looking older than her? The main simple reason is I was careless about my skin, and then I took a decision and started care of my skin.

How? I explain you, actually facial masks gives deep nourishment to our skin, there are a lot of benefits of facial masks, some costumes are designed for dry skin to provide more moisturizing, some are for oily skin to reduce the production of oil in the skin, etc. There is the bundle of items in our homes like to use turmeric for skin.

Best Face Mask for All Skin Types

Now a day’s many creams are available in the markets. There is the bundle of goods and ready-made products of different brands are available in the market; It depends on you how to use them properly. Follow me I’ll explain you with some points how you should use face masks.

Option 1

  • First, to get any best cleaner (acid cleanser) of any favorite brand, you should read ingredients first on the back of any product, cleanser will take off dead skin.
  • Now you can use any suitable face mask; it will provide you 80% results.

Option 2

Simple Homemade Skin Care Face Mask Recipes

If you have some time then should steam your skin, either you should go to some good parlors, or you can do it by yourself.

  • Get a bowl of hot water and take over a towel to your head and give some steam to your skin by covering cloth, this is useful for mask penetration.
  • Apply any mask on your skin according to your skin type, but only for 15 minutes and wash your face before mask dry (other costumes will make scarce in your skin).

If your mask dries then you should steam to your face with hot water and make it wet, then you can remove the cover quickly with massaging your skin and wipe it out. When you wash out your skin, you should moisturize your skin, dry skin persons should apply thick nourishing cream/lotions, and oily skin people should use a light nourishing cream like sunblock, etc. Or any other good cold cream.

If you’ve oily skin repeat this process 2-3 times in a week, and for normal and dry skin once in a week is enough.

Homemade Face Masks

We suggest you use homemade face masks that are readily available in your home and more efficient and beneficial than you bought from the market by spending $30 or more.

Now I’m going to provide recipes for homemade masks, and it’ll perfect for your skin, by using it you’ll get the more glowing skin.

How to Make Your Own Mask?

You can make a homemade face mask using fruits, dry fruits, yogurt and eggs, all these natural, packed things are as safe and provide nutrients that are good for our body and skin.

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Banana and Honey Face Mask

  • Take only one banana, it also enhance the beauty of your hair mashed it with folk
  • Add some drops of honey and mix both until they meet and you cannot separate them
  • Now apply it on your face
  • After 15 minutes, wash your face and you’ll see how glowing your skin.

You should apply this mask twice in a week.

Dry Orange Peels Face Mask

Honey and Orange

  • Take peel off some oranges and spread them in sunlight until they become dry
  • Now grind them and mix some rose water and four teaspoons of grind gram
  • Apply this mask in form of layer, means your skin should totally be covered with this mask
  • After 20 minutes wash your skin with water and feel the difference, you’ll see your skin is glowing and looks clean and neat
  • Use this mask twice in a week
  • This face pack for oily skin is on the top of the list to reduce oil from the skin.

Dry Flowers Face Mask

A mixture of orange pulps dry flowers and almond, let’s try to make it.

  • Get some oranges and spread their pulp
  • Take some rose water, some dry petals of lavender and rose, now mix them with above mixture.
  • Wet almond and remove their peel and grind
  • Add some drops of milk and mix all things together
  • Now apply it on your skin
  • After 15 minutes wash out your skin with ordinary water. Your skin will glow, and you’ll feel the difference.

Clay and Yogurt Mask

  • Take five spoons of yogurt
  • Four spoons of clay and some drops of honey mix them all
  • Apply on your face and wash after 15 minutes when it dry

Yogurt have fat, and it will provide some moisturizing to your skin, it refines your skin pores and honey make your skin young and glowing.

Homemade face mask for beautiful model fair skin.

It is the best mask for an oily, dry and normal skin. Use this mask in a week in winter and twice in summer.

Papaya-Pineapple Masks Especially for Summer

Here is of the best beauty tips for glowing skin, Papaya costume and recalls your dead skin, reduce wrinkles and peel off it in summer; it is the best cover for the summer season. It will tight your loose skin and give it a glowing effect.

  • Get 2-3 pieces of pineapple
  • Add some papaya (if you want better results to mix some lemon juice in it) and mix them
  • Apply it on your face twice in a week and feel the difference.


In this topic best face mask for all skin types, I’ve described some ready-made and homemade face masks, types of skins and use of face masks. I hoped to enjoy this topic and got a lot of knowledge about types of skins and why we need to use face masks etc. If you have any question, suggestion or other tips about face masks and skins, please comment below. I’ll appreciate your feedback.

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