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Best Auto Insurance Companies Reviews 2016

Best Auto Insurance Companies Reviews 2016

Best Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance is a policy in which a person receives financial protection against losses from an insurance company. The company pools clients’ jeopardizes to make payments more affordable for the insured.

All too often we hear of the different types of insurance policies, but the truth is that insurance has only two kinds first one is Life Insurance and second is General Insurance that covers various aspects of life.

Auto insurance is the subcategory of General Insurance. The coverage period for the most General Insurance policies is habitually one year, whereby first-rates are paid on a one-time basis.

Auto insurance is best for drivers and also required by law in most states. Without it driving can lead to fines, increased future assurance costs and flat a suspended license. Other than that, most lenders of car loans also require that you’ve insurance to save from lost their interest in your car.

An auto insurance policy is necessary for parents who plan to add a teen driver because it provides the modified car insurance and many other services. Typical insurance policies provide liability coverage for both physically injury and damage property for you and others concerned in this accidents with you.

After that, you must want to find that insurance company, which give you best service. Indeed, its selection is terrible, but I’ll help you and give you some best insurance companies’ name those provide you best and easy services. They are with you anytime and anywhere you need us. So, let’s go and see the best auto insurance companies’ reviews 2016.

Company Name Description Financial Strength  Ratings Customer Service Rating
State Farm State Farm is the USA based a big company of auto insurance. A farmer was founded in 1922 and for a nearly a century he has tried to bring a sense of neighborliness into the insurance business.  




USAA USAA is an insurance company that offers insurance to veterans and current military personnel. In 1992, it gave military staff and families’ coverage to meet their individual needs, plus auto insurance coverage. A++ 4.2/5
Amica Amica is offering insurance for people with good driving records and also provides a multiplicity of discounts supported on driving and work with customers directly rather than having them to go through an agent or broker. A+ 4.5/5
The Hartford The Hartford has opened insurance for over 200 years and was the first company to offer auto insurance. They offer particular insurance packages to help senior who can still drive in residual as sovereign as possible. A+ 4.1/5

Pros and Cons of Different Companies

State Farm USAA Amica The Hartford
Pros – Highly rated for superior claims    handling.

– Highest financial stability rating.

– Wide range of coverage options.

– 18,000 agents nationwide.

– Easy-to-use website and mobile app.

– Excellent customer support.


– Highly rated for superior claims handling.

– Highly rated for pricing /value.

– Highest financial stability rating.

– Solid online educational resources.


– Highly rated for superior claims handling.

– Highest financial stability rating.

– Customers can choose their own car repair shops.

– Easy-to-use website and mobile app.


– Highly rated for pricing/value.

– Wide range of coverage options.

– Very strong financial stability rating.

– Easy-to-use website and mobile app.


Cons – Mixed reviews for pricing/value.

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– Missing a few discounts, including pay-in-full and automatic pay.


– Only available to U.S. military members and their families, and certain affiliates.

– Quote process is more time-consuming.


– Lower ratings for pricing/value.

– Fewer online educational resources.


– Average ratings for claims handling.

– Fewer online educational resources.


Finding the Best Auto Insurance

Finding the best auto insurance company is tough and requires some searching, but it’s worth the efforts. By law, anyone who has car or driver needs to have the minimum offers of state insurance and those people who have a car loan need to carry more than minimum offers. God forbid if you concerned in a serious accident, you’d have as much coverage as possible to handle medical bills and car damage costs.

We compared the four largest auto insurance companies that provide coverage for everyone. USAA is a biggest and best insurance company, but it provides their service only for military families. Other than that State Farm, Amica, and The Hartford insurance companies also offer good coverage.

 How We Compared Auto Insurance Companies

No single company is best for every person because their premiums differ person to person. We tried to find the best company that offers the best rates to the most people and which also have the best consumer status. We researched their industry news, financial reviews, its history and third-party reviews and more.

We obtained customer stratification scores by quantifying numerous industry rating alongside our experience with the companies. Most customers seem to satisfy with their insurance services. Since most drivers are only involved in a few accidents in their lifetime, they don’t have to go through the claim processing experience often, that’s way their happiness scores are high. The Highest rated company was State Farm, USSA and Amica and The Hartford a few point below them.

Our Recommendation

You will always try to find that insurance company they might satisfy your needs. So, the perfect auto insurance company is the one that offers an excellent service, reliable coverage, and a price that fits your budget. We recommend that you obtain three quotes. Low-risk drivers can likely purchase low-caste auto insurance from Amica. Seniors may benefit from using their AARP membership to receive the discount from the Hartford Financial Services Group.

Make sure to answer the question as accurately as possible when submitting your quote information because the incorrect information could be cause for non-payment later, so accuracy is critical.

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