Did you know that only 1 % of the world population was connected to the Internet in 1995? Currently, about 40 % of the global population has Internet access. The internet revolution has changed the way it interacts, the spread of information, and way of doing business. According to Accenture, B2B business operators state that 86% of their customers can now buy products online.

Regardless what the nature of the firm is, if you want to be widely known, then you have to go public go online. So start thinking how to make your websites attract customers and beat the market that’s getting tougher each day.

UI/UX Design

Creativity is the ultimate solution. Come up with the interesting mixture of logos, colors, features and graphics that can create a strong emotional impression for the customers to have the positive impact on your sales. Designs on a website are often called UI / UX. How to start UI / UX for online business.

What is UI / UX?

Online Business

UI is the User Interface Design. UI is the presentation of a website that is capable of creating the sensation and response for customers. Button, display, images, sounds, is a form of UI. UI can be said as a kind of show.

UX (User Experience Design) is the process of developing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and the computer system. In short, it is the feeling users have when using your product. Do the buttons function well? Is it easy, efficient and user-friendly?

When using the website or an application, the shape, the color, and the button like the image that appears is UI. Whereas, clicking on the button and being directed to a different page is UX.

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A website is perceived as unprofessional and non-user friendly if the keys or buttons clicked does not work as programmed. Therefore, mastering in UI/UX is imperative for your online business.

Improves the Quality of Your Brand

Improves the Quality of Your Brand

While doing a test drive on a luxury car, all that you think of is being comfortable and luxurious because the feel that the car gives you with its captivating audio system and the softness of the seats when it touches your skin. UX is the desire always to go back to a restaurant because besides the food was good, we are already familiar with the salesperson. In addition to attractive appearance (UI), the user should feel comfortable with your product (UX). Features that are easy to use, simple, and efficient will foster a sense of comfort to the website or application. Users will ‘feel at home’, linger, re-visit and even recommend your site to more people. The more people are loyal to your product, the higher the quality of your brand.Waze Application  Waze is an example of a successful UI/UX design. Waze is world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Waze became viral and is widely used by the community for its design which is simple and easily understood by the various levels of society.They managed to gain customers who believe in their brand.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

UI / UX must ensure that the website or application is easy to use and understand. Designers should always position themselves as a standard user who will be able to use the site.

Attractive UI design will make users stay longer on your website, so the possibility of them registering to your newsletter and making a purchase will be greater too. Clear, elegant, and simple designs are the key to converting visitors into buyers of your product. iprice Group, an online shopping platform which is established in seven countries across South East Asia has managed to increase traffic to their Indonesia site by up to 224 % and an increase to a total revenue of more than 100 % in just eight months. The strategy is always to evaluate the UI / UX design.

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Attract Investor

Attract Investor

Getting investors are paramount from inception stage of startup till the development process. Without funding from investors, the idea of coming up with start-up will always remain a dream or due to the shortage in operating expenses, you might have to close down the business.  According to the founder of uxpin, more than 80 investors in the Valley are very interested in the products designed by start-ups. A good idea, when is not planned properly will not succeed in capturing user attention, because the competition in the market is getting tougher.