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8 Reasons Why Green Tea Should Replace Your Coffee

8 Reasons Why Green Tea Should Replace Your Coffee

Coffee can do something better for your body and brain, but it doesn’t have any monopoly power that improves your mental performance. But this time is accurate to add another useful tool to your brain hack box – it is the green tea. You understand coffee is a king when it comes to enhancing your brain function, and green tea is a queen or noble prince, whichever you like better. Green tea can do some things that still the best coffee can’t do this.

Green tea is the strongest drink on the planet. It is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves. Green tea originated in China, but now its production has spread too many countries in Asia. The Chinese have practiced green tea for many centuries to treat the different diseases. Now, Western culture has also started the use of green tea in many diseases treatment.

Green tea is the best fighter against bacteria and helps fight food poisoning, as well. Why is the green tea more beneficial? There are a lot of benefits that we disclose below. It doesn’t mean that coffee is sufficiently harmful to our body. It also has many benefits according to this research.

“Animal studies published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry suggests coffee antioxidants increase the activity of enzymes that may protect upon colon cancer.”

But, green tea is more famous and likable these days. There are too many health benefits of green tea separately from walking us up in the morning. Let’s move and see the reasons why green tea should replace your coffee.

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1- Green Tea Boosts your Metabolism

If you’re over healthy (fat) and want weight down green tea is a best for you. Various studies are proved that green tea can speed up your metabolism and at the moment most fat aflame supplements contain green tea. If you come together drinking green tea with a healthy lifestyle, you may notice a lessening in your body fat.

2- Green Tea Kills Bacteria, Helping to Fight Infection

You are ready for fresh breath – I’m ready and you too. According to different studies the catechins in green tea can slow down the growth of primary harmful mouth bacteria Streptococcus mutans that cause plaque and subsequent tooth decomposes.

It doesn’t fight only with this bacterium – it also helps to maintain the sugar level and cholesterol. The catechins also slow down viruses like influenza and making you healthier.

3- Green Tea Lowers Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is a disease that spread very speedily all around the world. Around 300 million people are affected by this. But green tea has the power to fight with such type of diseases. The different research found that green tea can recover insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels, which helps to inferior the overall jeopardy of rising type II diabetes.

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4- Green Tea Lowers Your Risk of Getting Cancer

According to a current study report that women who regularly drink the green tea have 22% less chance of breast Cancer as compared to that not drink. This is possible due to the antioxidants in green tea that help to offset the oxidative harm that can cause cancer, reducing the overall chances of increasing cancer.

5- Green Tea Lowers Your Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s Or Parkinson’s

Magically green tea is not just protected you in Type II diabetes and Cancer, it also decreases your chances of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease risks. These are two most common neurodegenerative diseases and harmful. The catechins in green tea have the protective effects on neurons and help the body to avoid these conditions.

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6- Green Tea Increases Your Sex Drive

You want to become an active person, swap the coffee and start green tea. You automatically get frisky, the L-theanine in green tea act against the mood affected bacteria and increasing your dopamine levels in both genders. If you are an energetic person, then your power will increase, and you must leave a happy life.

7- Green Tea Improves Brain Function

Sometimes we feel that coffee makes sharp our mind, but green tea is a perfect in this play and performs well. Newcastle University scientists submit the report; green tea helps to keep your brain energetic and healthy.

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8- Green Tea Can Make You Smarter

The L-theanine in green tea contributes to motivating brain movement, allowing the brain to be the most excellent it can be. It helps the brain to be more listening carefully, making alert and letting concentrating for longer periods of time.


How to Make Perfect Green Tea at Home

It is a very easy way to make green tea. By this, you can make green tea according to your taste and flavor.


  • Cup
  • One teaspoon green tea leaves
  • A tea strainer
  • One pot
  • Water


Add green tea leaves in the strainer. Boil water in the pot, and then leave the water to cool for few minutes. Put the filter with leave top of the cup and pour the boiled water through the strainer into the cup. Let the filter top of the cup for few seconds if you want a stronger brew. Add honey. Brown sugar or sugar to taste and enjoy.

Suggested Recipe:

Green Tea Lemonade

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