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Benefit of SSL on Websites

Benefit of SSL on Websites

SSL on Websites

How Wisely to choose SSL Certificate for own Websites

SSL is an abbreviated word for secure sockets layer, which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and the site. An SSL server ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and integral. SSL secures online information on the Internet, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information, in that SSL protocol determines variables of the encryption for both the link and the data sent.
SSL allows sensitive information to communicate securely. Such information includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to establish a secure connection, the browser and the server needs an SSL certificate thus the capability to interact with secured web servers.
SSL Certificate is obtained from the certificate authority, and it usually contains key pairs, which are public keys, private keys, and session keys. These keys work simultaneously to establish an encrypted connection. Anything encrypted with the private keys can only be decrypted with the public keys and vice –versa while the session keys are used to encrypt all the transmitted data after a secure connection. The SSL certificate also contains the “subject,” which is the identity of the website owner.
Besides, there are three types of validation process on which SSL stands for namely domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation.

Domain Validation

Domain Validation

Domain Validation requires confirmation of domain name in which no additional documents are checked. Many small and startup businesses prefer domain validation certificate as it follows rapid issuance as well same encryption level as you find in other types of validations. Domain validated certificates do not show company name except issuer authority, certificate name, and expiry date.

Organization Validation

Organization Validation

Organization Validation requires verification of business related documents along with domain name. The certificate in this category shows business name and customers can click on the certificate and checks the authenticity of the firm. It is a step-ahead validation than domain validation certificate. This type of certificate is ideally for organizations and individuals who want to establish the credibility of their business over the web.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation

Extended Validation offers the highest verification as well green bar to the website. Customers can easily get the real company name in green bar and assure themselves that they are visiting the real internet site. EV SSL Certificate also protects you from phishing frauds and secures ongoing traveling information between the server and the end browser. Third party interception would become hard, and customers can enjoy safe environment over the website.

Importance of SSL


1. Guards Against Phishing

Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive and confidential information under false pretenses for fraudulent activities. People involved in web crime target a particular group of individuals with messages, emails or phone calls and they usually have directions on what to do. People often fall prey of such frauds and end up revealing their details thus fall prey by losing their valuables. SSL does not issue certificates to such individuals or companies involved in fraudulent activities thus guard the safety of its clients.

2. Data Encryption

SSL encrypts sensitive information sent across the internet, and it is only the intended recipients that can understand it. SSL also protects the information from hackers and conveys the information safely thus safeguards the privacy of its users. Moreover, for the end user to be able to use the information it has to be decrypted.

3. Provides Authentication

People are often tricked and send information to unintended recipients thus end up revealing valuable information into wrong hands. To avoid such errors SSL always provides a means whereby one can be sure that they are sending information to the right server and not to an imposter trying to steal their information.

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4. Instill Trust

Visitors to any site always yearn for the security of their information. To attract and retain customers most websites ensure that they have installed security gadgets such as SSL which gives visual cues such as a lock icon or a green bar, to help visitors know that their connection is secured thus creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases.

5. Business Future Proofing

Many companies are adopting advanced security measures to curb phishing and attacks thus securing their client’s information and also to remain relevant with the changing times and technology.

6. Protected Payments to Experience Safe Shopping

Visitors prefer sites with SSL because of secured credit card information compared to sites with simple HTTP websites which are vulnerable to web attacks. With the ever drastic technological advancement, all the companies dealing with online payments are required to have a site that meets the security standards to guard customer’s financial information against attacks, thus instill customer’s trust and confidence while doing transactions online.

7. Increase Brand Power and Boost Ranking

The use websites that are protected by an SSL certificate offers complete verification of the business identity which further helps Google understand that customer protection is adhered to help thus to boost the website ranking. An SSL protected site gives the user a perception that the brand is secure. They will be less worried about security issues and will engage more efficiently.


SSL certificate is the backbone of any organization and secures traveling information between the server and the browsers. This protocol offers data privacy, data integrity, and data authentication. HTTPS also protects you against phishing fraud. In this cyber era, one website should have SSL certificate to protect their customers’ privacy and sensitive data.

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