The people are very sensitive about master bedrooms, especially the young people who have fresh relationship or wedding. The new owners of craftsman-style Los Angeles home are not perfect in meant for the master bedroom. They made the bedroom more stunning and sophisticated. It’s all due to their passion for Asian art, a Zen-like master retreat was designed to reproduce their tastes, benefit, and travels. There are some changes which we are going to describe below.

Before redecorating, the bedrooms were simple and luxury. The walls of bedroom colored were solid-colored and ordinary textiles.


When we are going to design any space, first chose one main element which made the theme for a good place to set up. In this bedroom, they used flocked wallpaper.


The new design of bedroom is so elegant; flocked wallpaper is applied on all the walls, which used as an inspiration. Hand-painted Asian Silk fabrics are used which creates homeowners love. In bedroom boudoir is also created with lots of shimmer and texture.

The bedroom wallpapers are so elegant. Wallpaper’s background is a muted metallic which gives the green hint with a light aqua provided as an accent color. This shade comes all over the bedrooms from to bed to the bench as well as foot to bed, which is covered up in aqua velvet.

In this bedroom soft and touchable stuff are used like Soft, touchable fabrics offer the bedroom a luxurious, comfy feel, and using a range of materials inserts touch and richness to the room.

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Ready for bed

Bed is the expression and central point of the bedroom. But this bedroom has an upholstered headboard which increases softness of the room and offers as a deal to the hardwood floor and vaulted wood ceiling. The heavy texture of the green lines offers the remarkable feel with the excellent shimmer of the wallpaper. Due to textures of the rooms are looking much attractive.


The window’s shades are looking neutral and remain from the own previous choice in the form of a window, due to the texture of the window and wood color. Enhancing the combination of rough and well textures, a jute carpet and custom silk fabric that emulates the background color of the wallpaper join to produce a pulled-together appear.


The windows of the bedroom are very close to the bed for standing in the night tether for enjoying the beautiful night view. Also, increase the width of the wall and also give more up to date and elegant feel.


The nightstands are similar to the Asian flare, and the brass ring hardware was the perfect touch. The lamps also have Asian styles which are looking amazing. Lamps have gold and soft white plain shade. This adds the beauty and lightness to the bedroom.

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