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How to Become a Good sister

How to Become a Good sister

Good Sister

What a real relation being a sister, I like it very much. Here in this article, I’ll describe How to Become a Good sister. We are three sisters, and two are younger than me. A sister can be a good friend, teacher, coach, and adviser as there is no any other selfish behavior in this good relation that Allah has gifted us. So we have to thankful that Allah has given us a so beautiful gift in the form of a sister. There are some things that you should follow and try to become a good sister that listed below.

Be protective for your sibling

As your sibling needs lots of attention for you. When you go out or when in school, you should protect you sibling from other. Sometimes the other people tease your sibling than as a sister you should stand for your sibling and build confidence to face all these problems. Help your sibling if he/she falls.

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Show your lots of love for sibling

Enjoying with Sister

A real relation always needs lots of love and attention. Always talk with your sibling in pa polite way and kiss them on different occasion like leaving home or when they are so sad.

You can prepare many types of cards and other little gifts for your sibling to show you love as these little things become memories for you.

Be friendly with your sibling

As a sister, it is your duty to treat your sibling like a friend. Don’t ignore, become rude or act like an illiterate people. As your bad behavior always tease your parents too, so always being with your sibling like a friend. When you treat your sibling like a friend, then they can learn how to handle other people in school and market.

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Don’t act like a boss with your sibling

If you are older than your other sibling, then you treat your sibling like a boss, this type of behavior is nature. But why you treat your sibling like a boss? Your parents are enough to treat like a boss, who order you many tasks to perfume but should avoid behavior like a boss. Don’t say your sibling always, do this and do this not.

Spend time with your sibling

  • As a sister, it is your duty to spend your time with your sibling like plain something that you and your sibling like equally like
  • Play some indoor activate and outdoor activities like football, walking, running, attend a party, etc.
  • Plain some trip with your sibling once a time in a month and go for enjoying and learning.

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Help you sibling in their work

As a sister, it is your duty that you have to help you sibling in their little and small works like school homework, test preparation, a collection of notes, etc. I am not saying that you do these works by yourself just give some ideas to your sibling regarding the problem and let them solve by herself.

Help your sibling in maintaining their room and managing clothes, shoes and other stuff.

Participate in healthy activities with your sibling

Brother Sister Playing with Water

A healthy hobby always leads you to success. Try to find a healthy activity for yourself and your sibling like reading good books, cooking, traveling important places, crafting, painting, leatherworking, etc. if you choose a healthy activity then your sibling also choose a healthy activity by copying you and you both spend some time with each other in healthy activities.

Follow the rules

A home is a place where you live and spend much time in your life with your loveable relations like brother, sister, and parents. There are also some rules that you have to follow so that every work will be done at the time. If you follow the rules, then your sibling will also follow the rules by copping you.

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Share your good and bad moment

As a sister, it is your duty that you listen to your sibling in a good way. Good listener always creates a healthy atmosphere in the home. Try to look the whole day routine of your sibling, listen the bad and good thing that happens to your sibling and you also share your bad and good things with your sibling, as this type of behavior makes your relationship stronger.

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Always compromise

There are many things in your home that you like and dislike, you like many things your favorite place, your main bed, favorite chair, personal laptop, favorite dress and at the same time, your sibling likes these things very much. How to handle this type of situation simply sleep on your favorite bed one night and the other night give a chance to your sibling to sleep on his/her favorite bed.

Don’t fight

Dont Fight

I know fighting feel so good in sibling, and sometimes it’s enjoyable and increase your love. But too much fight is not good. Try to understand the opinion and behavior of your sibling and treat in a good way. As you fight more than your parents, also hurt too much.

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Give space to your sibling

Every person has her life and own community and wants to deal and spend time according to her style If your sibling has some friends or other activities that you don’t like. Infect you have to give some space to your sibling and let him go and enjoy with their buddies.

Always help your sibling when he/she wants you

Life so difficult and as you also face many types of a problem if your sibling is any difficulty try to help and give some extra time to resolve problem and worries. Hug and kiss your sibling when he/she is so sad and want to share many things with you


I have told you some tips that how can you become a good sister.  I know my knowledge is limited. What are your secrets to becoming a good sister, share your thoughts and experience with us? Thank you.

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