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Beauty secret of Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Sir Johns

Beauty secret of Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Sir Johns

Beyonce has gorgeous and radiant skin. Everyone wants skin like Beyoncé’s. I am sure she must follow some rules and some specific routine to keep their beauty maintain. Well, now we will discuss some beauty secrets of Beyoncé’s.

Sir John is a famous makeup artist. He has worked with Beyoncé’s. He gives them very natural and glowing skin. Well, now I’ll tell you some beauty secrets of Beyoncé’s makeup artist that is Sir Johns has told us in an interview.

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For Glowing Skin

Sir Johns suggest that use intense exfoliate for your skin two times in a week. If you follow up this tip in your routine, then you will find glowing and radiant skin. If you have already glowing and radiant skin, then you don’t need any more foundation for the skin.

Just Apply a Little Amount of Cream on Your Face.

Then apply moisturizer or foundation in a small amount while your skin is still moisture. One thing that is most important about the foundation is that it must be according to you skin tone. For natural and glowing skin you should always choose a foundation that has the same shade of you face.

Choose Right

Choose right bronzer

Bronzer is the superb thing for you. It can use daily. It enhances the skin tone and provides shimmer on your face.

If you skin is not naturally golden, pick a shade with an olive base as opposite to orange. For a light complexion like karlie ‘s, I use a sheer liquid bronzer in a taupe-y color. –Sir Johns

Many people thought that the women who have the brown skin tone, they don’t need any bronzer for their skin but according to Sir Johns, bronzer is for every skin tone. It makes your skin glowing and perfect for photography like for Beyoncé’s she has use bronzer of Carmel color that create the sun kiss look in many videos of Beyoncé’s. He says that apply bronzer on the t-zone area and cheeks and beneath on chin. One thing that Sir Johns tell that powder stick with mat formula gives you the more good result.

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Dab on Something Luminous

Well, this step gives you perfect glowing skin.

Chose a product that has a pearlescent finish to it- not shimmer. You don’t need shimmer if your skin is radiant from the core. It can read as juvenile or inexpensive. –Sir Johns

You can apply with your ring finger or beauty sponge on your forehead, above your cheekbones, in the center of the chin and down the bridge of the nose.

Choose Eye Shade

Add Some Color

According to Sir John’s creamy blush look stunning in summer. They look very natural and sexy look. Because in summer season if you have some work and your skin become flush that looks very sexy and beautiful.

  • If you have light skin, then you can choose sheer berry shade.
  • If you have medium skin tone, then you should select peach shade.
  • And for dark skin tone you should select dark pin shade.

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See Also

Little use of Mattify Powder

If you don’t want any oil or extra shine on your face, then Sir Johns recommend using translucent powder. Just apply it with brush on your nose and chin especially.

Use of Mascara

The H. Couture Beauty Mascara and Lipstick

At last for perfect look you need some coat of mascara.

Sometime eyes look naked if there is nothing there. I will wipe out individual lashes like I have them in gun holster, but I know most women don’t have time for that, so mascara is the key. It brings everything together. If there was fire and one of my stunning girls was running out, the one thing I would give her is mascara. –Sir Johns

Mascara completes your look and makes your eyes beautiful and attractive.

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I have described some beauty secrets of Beyoncé that a Sir John has explained. And I also told you some secrets of sir john. Share your beauty secret with us.

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