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Beauty Routine that Makes you Attractive Before Going to Bed

Beauty Routine that Makes you Attractive Before Going to Bed

Beauty Routine that Makes you Attractive Before Going to Bed

As you know every person is beautiful, and someone has beautiful eyes, someone has a nice nose, glowing skin, fair complexion, etc. being beautiful is not a big deal the main thing is that the beauty routine and care that you follow to enhance and maintain your beauty. If someone cares herself, then he/she can be young and more confident for a long time. Women are so sensitive to their beauty, and they try different method and technique to enhance their beauty and attraction. But unfortunately, we are busy all the time and cannot give any time to maintain our beauty but in my opinion, everyone manages her time table and give some separate time to keep her attraction. They should know which time is best to maintain the beauty and how they can do this easily.

I am not saying you give a lot of time to keep you beautiful; I am just saying choose a limited and little time in which you care yourself only not any other task. In my opinion, the night is the best time to enhance the beauty.

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What is the Purpose of to Follow Beauty Routine Before Going to Bed

The question comes in our mind suddenly why night is the best to enhance the beauty. Well, when we are sleeping your skin repair, and if you care a little then you can get glowing skin and find healthy and beautiful hair.

If you follow my beauty routine, then you can find soft and flawless skin, soft hands and feet, shining hair and relaxing the body, clean mouth, charming and fresh eyes, etc.

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The First Beauty Routine Listed Below

Take Fruits and Milk in Dinner

Eat fresh fruits

Well, dinner must be light and healthy. Choose fresh fruits and juices like orange, grapes, watermelon, etc. fresh and green vegetable are also excellent if you select in your dinner. A glass of milk is also essential for your meal,

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Before going to bed, light exercise makes you healthy. You can walk for 20 to 30 minutes. Exercise `before going to bed make you healthy also waste all extra calories.

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Drink Water

Water is always good for your health all time. We take lots of water all the time but forget to drink before going to bed. Drink at least two glass water before going to bed as it makes your digestive system and skin better.

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Avoid Junk Food Before Going to Bed

Junk food is bad before going to sleep. If you use junk food before going to bed, you will get too much weight soon also makes you lazy. So avoid junk food like pizza, burger also sugary food like can food and snacks, etc.

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Take Warm Shower

Girl Taking Bath

Before going to bed take a bath with warm water and exfoliate your body softly. Add some salt in your tub to relieve all tiredness. Warm bath reduces all your worries, and you feel very light and comfortable.

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For White Teeth

Teeth for Natural Beauty

Brushing is essential before going to bed and after dinner, because the bacteria and germs produce in your mouth that causes cavity and yellow teeth. So if you want white and clean teeth, then you should brush your teeth daily before going

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For Fresher Eyes

You must transfer all your makeup before going to bed. Eye makeup also is removed completely and wash your eyes with clean water and sprinkle some rose water in your eyes. Apply some castor oil or Vaseline on your eyelid. Apply eye cream to prevent from the dark circle and fresher eyes.

Moisturize you’re all Body

Moisturize all your body with a good moisturizer before going to bed. You can apply coconut oil or olive oil all your body as it increases the electricity of your skin. If you moisturize your body before going to bed, you will get neat, clean and soft skin in some days.

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Cleanse Your Face

So this is how you wash your face

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If we discuss our face beauty and want to get glowing and flawless skin, then cleansing is the most important step to get the glowing and fair skin. Cleanse your face daily before going to bed with a good cleanser. You can also clean your face with milk cream.

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Scrub your Face

If you want bright and fresher skin then exfoliate your skin. You should scrub your face two or three times in a week before going to bed. Do not scrub your face daily as it can damage your skin cell badly.

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Apply Toner

Toner is also essential after cleansing and scrub. Choose a good brand of toner and apply daily. You can also make toner at home by mixing water and lemon juice in equal quantity. Rose water is also the best toner for you.

Apply Serum

Nowadays the serum is used to looking younger and enhance the beauty of skin. The serum is expensive little. Apply the serum on your face two or three times for a week before going to bed and get glowing and young skin while you are sleeping.

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Apply Night Cream

The night cream is also very essential for glowing and flawless skin. Choose a good brand of night cream according to your skin texture and tone. Be careful the ingredients must be safe for skin, and night cream repairs your skin all the night while you are sleeping.

Care about your Lips

  • Rough and dry lips make your personality ugly, So care your lips
  • Remove your lipstick before going to bed.
  • Apply a good lip balm or Vaseline on your lips.
  • You can also use coconut oil or castor oil for soft and pink lips.

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Moisturize your Hands and Feet Properly

Hand Care

  • Wash your hands and feet when you are taking a shower before going to bed properly.
  • Apply a good moisturizer on all your feet and hands.
  • If you apply olive oil, then it is also a good option for you I use olive oil to moisturize my hands and feet.
  • If you have cracked heels then after moisturizing wear cotton socks.

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Tie up your Hair Lightly

  • Do not tie your hair too tight because it is not good for healthy hairs.
  • Do not leave your hairs openly.
  • Just tie them lightly
  • You should apply so`me hot oil and massage your hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wear a Night Dress

  • Always make an evening dress that must be comfortable and loose.
  • The fabric of night dress must be of silk, cotton or any other soft

Sleep on your Back

Many of us sleep in many ways even everyone sleep according to her/his style, but if you want to maintain your beauty of body while sleeping then, you should sleep on your back.

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