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Award Winning Horror Short Films

Award Winning Horror Short Films

Award Winning Horror Short Films

Oscar-winning horror short film, consider it or not do exist. Horror fans have often felt slighted by the Oscars, but now even regular movie fans are curious the choices and smooth the significance of The Oscars Awards 2016. It is for that reason I’m talking a look back at some of the better-known award winning horror short films. Thanks to the arrival of the internet, there’s millions of full horror movies Hollywood that you can watch at any given time.

No films other than to watch horror movies online enjoy more success. I have consumed the last period devouring horror short films of every kind to help become a healthier horror filmmaker myself. That’s why I thought to myself why not share some of my favorite award-winning horror short films to the world. On all award festival, short horror movies can have a real life, but it is not the hereafter, going virus-related online, where horror filmmakers grow they’re owing.

A List of Award Winning Horror Short Films

1. The 3.07 AM Project

Timed to the release of ‘The Conjuring,’ VICE appointed four of indie horror’s top guidelines from around the world to make one-minute shorts. It based on an actual story and ‘The Conjuring’ tells the horrifying story of how world prominent supernatural detectives Lorraine Warren and Ed were called upon to help a family terrified by a dark attendance in a private farmhouse. Compulsory to confront a powerful demonic entity, the habitats find themselves fixed in the most petrifying case of their lives.

2. 2 AM: The Smiling Man

It is an award winning short horror film that is based on a story on the subreddit ‘Let’s Not Meet.’ A man takes a late night stroll and meetings an upsetting stranger. The video and story both do an excellent job of attractive something as heartening as a chilling delicacy to the genre and rotating it into something disturbing.

3. Lights Out

Lights Out perhaps the most famous and impressive horror file online and also is a hit feature-length horror film. David F Sanberg’s Lights Out is a prime example of what you can realize in one place, one actor, and negligible production incomes. It is a simple yet petrifying useful idea that is skillfully performed. You can watch horror movies online of this player, which are just as ingenious when it comes to terrifying the spectators.


This is one of the full horror Hollywood movies I watched online many time ago, and even now it still holds up. It is monitoring internet traffic for the Department of Homeland Security, Agent Martin Takagi comes across the informal video chats of a couple, provisionally living in different states of the world, who instigate to determine their new home in spooky.

5. Intruders

Beautifully shot, this TIFF alum and Slamdance is tall on atmosphere, complete low on narrative. It is worth seeing if just for its perfect and melancholy imagery.

6. Guilt

Guilt is the half hour great horror Bollywood movie. This is by foreign the lengthiest short horror film on our list. But it is also one of the best separate movies and unrelatedly of the genre. Shot in the beautiful Faroe Islands, this haunting film topographies stunning photography washed in subdued purple-gray tones.

7. The Captured Bird

That Guillermo Del Toro Executive Produced this short film is no surprise. It is a threateningly dramatic story, which instigates with a little girl sketch figures of people with chalk on the adhesive of a playground. She takes a sign of a rare crack in the street that is keeping an enigmatic black fluid. She follows to a dark building.

Apart from this, she encounters different strange phenomena, plus walls that bleed black and feelers that arise from ceiling to touch her.

8. Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest is a short horror film movie directed by German filmmaker Fredrik Hana, who co-wrote with Marius K. Lunde. It is a movie that based on genre festivals like Fantastic Fest with his horrible but beautifully-shot shorts. Shot in lyrical black-and-white, this one is the mysterious landing of an inaccessible fisherman who makes a Faustian.

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9. Alexia

Social media style movies are becoming their style, and suspenseful horror thrillers seem to be the preferred outcome of the genre. In this highly efficient full horror movie Hollywood, Alexia. The Franco’s ex-girlfriend has been deceased for some time. And he still contacts with her on the social media network. But, when he decides to delete her, something strange starts to manifest through his computer. A short summary of Alexia is:

“Alexia’ is a classic ghost tale adapted to modern times. Its key elements are a computer, a social network, and an addiction to the virtual life. Inspired by Japanese horror, it relays more in the mood it creates than in jump scares and cheap horror tricks.”

10. Mama

When Guillermo Del Toro saw this short, he said about this:

“It was one of the scariest little scenes I’ve ever seen.”

Mama film makes with the story of two young girls abandoned in a forest cabin. Fostered by a mysterious entity that they lovingly call “Mama” that eventually follows them to their new suburban home after their uncle retrieves them.

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