Hafiz Adnan Hussain

My name is Hafiz Adnan Hussain, I'm founder of Bittech Web Solutions as well as Co-founder of Wear and Cheer, web designer and developer, also works in web and mobile apps development, I develop mobiles apps for Android, iPhone and iOS platforms. Having more than 13 years of experience in Information Technology field, I've already worked on more than 1000 different types of projects for small and big companies including, web designs, website, Android, iPhone, iOS and Desktop Application Software development. Actually I'm expert of fault tracing and bug fixing that's why I like to work in difficult projects, sometime as a passion I write some articles which I like to share with you guys, so I have wrote many articles like more than 500 articles for different topics on many blogs and websites. Now a days I'm writing for wearandcheer.com and bittechwebsolutions.com, in these 2 websites you'll find my latest articles on top legends of the World and website design and development topics.

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