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Author: Farida Sarwar


Snowflake Christmas Cake

Glitzy Snowflake Christmas cake is your right choice for Christmas, it’s very healthy for you and also very easy to make, Let’s know about its recipe. Read about: Christmas Cake With Royal Icing Snowflake Christmas Cake Ingredients 20cm round or 18cm square basic Christmas cake 100-125g white…


Top 10 Highest Paid Basketball Players 2015

Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a lengthy court. The aim is to shoot a ball through a hoop. Basketball is one of the world’s most famous and broadly watched sports. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most famous and regular to be the executive level of expert basketball in the…


What Does Travel Insurance Really Cover

What does travel insurance cover In current years, hundreds and thousands of holidaymakers travel plans have canceled because of different reasons including snow, strikes,and volcanic ash clouds. A lot of people were left grounded and turned to their travel insurance provider in the hope of reimbursement. But what…


What is Whole Life Insurance

What is the whole of life insurance? Life assurance is recognized as whole life insurance; it can help your lovely relations to keep up with your economic obligation after you pass away. Read our guidance to learn more about whole life insurance. Use this advice…


Mini Christmas cakes

Mini Christmas cakes If you like better a lighter fruitcake at Christmas, then these muffin-sized cakes are just perfect for you. Prepare for a simple all-in-one sponge cake mix they are so much faster to make than a classic fruit cake also! To give the cakes…


White Chocolate and Raspberry Gateau

White chocolate and raspberry gateau prepare from a light, and fresh sponge layered with fruit and cream filling then smothered with a solid layer of white chocolate ganache. You can replace the raspberries with other continuing soft fruit. It is best Christmas recipe for you. Read about: Mary…