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Author: Farida Sarwar

Fashion and Style

The Best Celebrity Bangs

 Bangs hairstyles look very cute and are very trendy nowadays, and they look pretty and beautiful. Bangs are typically cut fairly straight at or over the eyebrows, but it can also be cut as swept to one side or the further, or cut length to fall above the…

Fashion and Style

10 Sexiest Spring Haircuts

Celebrity haircuts are just amazing and look so pretty and mode. They adopt any hairstyle according to season and trend which looks very gorgeous; here I will tell you 10 sexiest spring haircuts. Let’s know about these hairstyles. Read About: 20 Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style 1….

Top 10 ultimate celebrity fall

Top ultimate celebrity fall

This article is going to be very entertaining for you. I will tell you about famous celebrity falls here, celebrities who fallen on stage during their performances and getting awards. Here is the top ultimate celebrity fall. Let’s know about these celebrities. Justin Bieber Justin Bieber broke…

Not Losing Weight

How to be Attractive by Weight losing?

Everybody wants to be attractive it’s entirely true, but how it’s a common question, I’ll mention here How to be Attractive by Weight losing, when you are overweight no any dress suits you. You’re wasting your confidence beauty even you become a victim of depression your whole lifestyle…

Girl with pimple
Beauty Tips

How to Get Rid of Pimples

What are Pimples? A small damaged area of skin which becomes a victim of bacteria and it appears on our skin because of extra oily glands. Blackheads, Small superficial sebaceous cyst, and scars lead you to pimples, blisters severely affect your face, forehead Chin Nose Temples…

Enrique's style


Your well-liked celebrity, very gorgeous who is a famous and talented singer named Enrique. Let’s know about his fascinating life and breathtaking music carA impressive History Singer and charming personality Enrique were born on 8 May 1975. He is just known by the name of Enrique…