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Astrology the Energy of Colors

Astrology the Energy of Colors

Astrology the Energy of Colors

Everybody loves a list of different colors. This colors list is associated with the Sun, Moon, and planets impacts, for that reader whose interest in astrology. Everyone knows that the sun is the source of heat and light to sustain life on our planet earth. That’s way in some religions treat the sun as a “God” as in Greek and Hindu scriptures. Sunlight appears to be in gold color, but it contains seven different colors visible to us. There is Astrology the Energy of Colors like red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo and violet. All colors have wavelengths which are starting from 380 nm to 740 nm. Different colors have different wavelength correlated with them. When colors wavelength is less, the color energy will be more. Like as, violet color has less wavelength when compared to that of other colors like yellow or red, but it has more energy than all other colors. Colors are nothing but energies influence is worked on our body, life and mind. Now, here I write the colors energy with effect on our body.

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Red Color

Virgo Career HoroscopeThe red color is well thought-out to be a fire sign and Mars. Other than that, it is also known as an active, passionate, powerful and bold color. It enhances alertness and encourages activity – if you want to see its effect on the human being, then wear the red color of that person which is suffering from introversion, inner fear, and laziness and see! This person must increase dynamic nature, courage, quickness, and anger. As a Fire signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and belongs to Mars-ruled Scorpio are most associated with red shades from cranberry to orange-red. Red is the best color to try when the Moon is in Aries or when Mars makes positives aspects in the heavens.

Yellow Color

However, the yellow color is famous as a cousin of red color, but it’s closely related with air sign Gemini and works well with earth signs. Yellow is intellectual, and communication is sufficient for studying, learning and writing. It is useful for producing detachment and reducing depression.  It is a perfect color which is the opposite of blue and closest to pure light. In Egypt ancient, it symbolized the Sun. Wear the yellow on days when the Moon, Sun, and Mercury are in Gemini and aggressively engaged with other planets.

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Green Color

Green is the earth sign, and it’s the Pisces color. It is healing, sympathetic, restrained and steadfast. It is used to reduce the stress and movement. The green color is the balance of the positive yellow and negative blue, is known the life sign. It is sufficient for the mentally weak students or blind students and wears it for the health and wealth. Wear it when the Moon is in Earth signs and Jupiter is active and cheering development.

Blue Color

Due to soothing nature, the blue color is known as an appropriate tone for us. Blue is the sign of calm and quiet life – it is the water-sign traits plus sincerity, rational, honest, idealistic and tranquil. Blue color is electric shades, and it reflects aquarium characteristics. Most languages don’t have the different between the blue and green colors. But basically, light blue color is more spiritual and dark blue is more sociable. Wear the blue color when the Moon is in water sign or Aquarius.Taurus Compatibility

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Purple Color

The color of magic and mystery is purple – it is associated with the fire signs, especially Leo and Sagittarius are belong in it. Purple is idealistic, grand and sensitive. Mostly people say that it is the division of the positive red and negative blue colors. Purple color shows that you’re true to yourself, but remember that other people may see you as exotic or mysterious. Wear purple when the Moon is in Leo or Sagittarius.

Brown Color

Scorpio Woman HoroscopeThe brown color is considered to be neutral and grounding. It is known as earth signs’ best friend. We can wear brown color to emerge more somber or sensible and encourage a productive day. While earth-signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are the common signs of the color brown. It is practical, earthy, obstinate and careful. Wear brown color at that time when you want to complete smoothie or get back to basic. At that time, the brown color is most suitable when Saturn is active, or the Moon is in an earth sign.

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Black Color

Black is the color of life or protection. It is associated with the land and water signs. The black color is the opposite of the green color. Black color has depth and mystery, but it also represents thing we fear. Wear dark color when you are worried or doubtful my help wards off those feelings. Neutral color black absorbed energies rather than giving them off. Combining black color with other colors can get different responses, though. Like as, wearing black with red makes you seem formidable, same as when to wear it with gold denoted honor and increased respect. Black is very sexy and mysterious to very formal. Wear black with the clear intention in mind. Black works well when the moon visits Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer and on days when Saturn makes features to the Moon, Sun or other planets.

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White Color

The white color is accurate, clarity, newness, sincere and earnest. The black color is correlated with the air signs and Cancer. However, white color connects to higher consciousness and is used to depict angels and saints, also clouds, stars and other “heavenly” elements. When we wear white, we project a crisp, pure image and give others a feeling of safety. Hospital workers and people who work in the sciences and labs habitually wear white, which developments and intellect of hygiene. White is also a color of trust. Wear white for a clean slate and during Moon for a fresh start.Pisces Child Horoscope

Pink Color

Pink is Venus’s color, and it represents love and friendship. Libra and Taurus are the Venus-ruled signs and have the closest kinship to pink. Pink color environments minimize strong feelings such as adversity or depression. Pink can also project sexuality, womanliness and an intelligence of fun. Wear pink to open yourself to new connections. Wear white color at that time or day when the Moon is in Libra or Taurus when Venus is vigorous in the Zodiac and on Fridays, the ordinary Venus day of the week.

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Astrology the Energy of Colors by Sign

  • Aries: Red, orange, yellow
  • Taurus: Green, pink
  • Gemini: Yellow, light blue
  • Cancer: Black, white, blue
  • Leo: Purple, gold, red
  • Virgo: Brown, navy, black
  • Libra: Pink, lavender, pale blue
  • Scorpio: Red, maroon
  • Sagittarius: Red, purple
  • Capricorn: Black, gray, brown, dark green
  • Aquarius: Bright blues
  • Pisces: Green, blue
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