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Area Rugs and Mats The Home Depot

Area Rugs and Mats The Home Depot

What is Area Rug?

Area Rugs and Mats The Home Depot are alternative to carpet. They are wall to wall in size and are named because they are easier to remove and clean. They can easily be replaced by a new one when you got bored of it or wants to redecorate.

Instructions About Area Rugs

Whenever using area rugs in your home, there is some consideration you need to do. Whenever you are buying, remember the following tips:


Do not skimp on size. The worst mistake that people commonly do is when they buy area rugs which are too small according to the requirements.

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Complete Extension

Make sure that the area rug you buy should extend to the underneath of all the main furniture pieces in a room. If in case, it is not possible then make that the front legs of these pieces should hold on the rug. For smaller pieces, make sure all of them rests completely on the rug.

Note: In the dining room, you need to be careful as compared to others. Make sure the rug should be large enough that when chairs are pulled out from the table, they should still be on the rug.

Area Rugs for Bedrooms

Area Rugs - Fashion

Make sure the area rug is not too small in the bedroom. You can go more than the size given below, but this should be the minimum. Your area rug should not be less than this mentioned size. Remember that the area rug you are using is beyond the sides of the bed.

  • 18″ for a Queen / King size bed
  • 12″ for the twin / double bed

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Placement of Rug

Do leave an appropriate and equal floor space on all sides of the rug you display. The minimum is about 8″ to 24″. The commonly used amount of space is 18″ but if in case, your space is smaller in size, you can prefer 8″. All you are aiming for is to center the rug in the room.

Easy Usage

Do remember to cover the floor completely to the extent to where people walk. When people are walking, they should not fell unbalance while having one foot on the rug and the other not.

Color and Pattern

Area Rugs - Fashion

Do not be scared of colors and patterns on area rugs. Choose which one do you like. They are an excellent way to add fun and playfulness to the room. There is a huge range available in the market and comparatively inexpensive which you can go or whenever you get bored of your old ones.

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Expensive Area Rugs

Make sure; you do not put an expensive area rug in an are which is mostly occupied by the people to avoid the stains of spills and all. Even though they are easy to be cleaned but you are never sure that whether the stain will be removed or not. It may not sometimes so do not take the risk.

Cleaning Instructions

Do read all the cleaning instructions when buying any area rug. Be sure about your budget then opt for anything. Like sisal, jute and other natural fibers are inexpensive but cannot be cleaned, so you need to buy a whole new. Make sure you can afford the other when buying your first one in the case.

Area Rugs - Fashion

Note of the Author

I hope this article will be helpful especially whenever you go out to buy a new area rug or using the old. Good Luck!

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