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Are You Familiar With The Benefits of Using LED Filament Bulbs?

Are You Familiar With The Benefits of Using LED Filament Bulbs?

LED Filament Bulbs

Light Emitting Diodes are the latest technological development in the lighting industry. Being a form of solid state lighting system, they offer a broad range of benefits over the traditional lighting systems. LED filament bulbs, by far, are the most energy efficient, cost effective and ecologically friendly illuminating forms. Keep reading to get an insight of the significant benefits.

Larger life span

One of the major advantages of using LED filament bulbs is its longevity. Its life is calculated to be around forty thousand hours, which is very high in comparison to the lifespan of incandescent lamps and other fluorescent lights. Their lifetime comes to an end when their filament breaks up. LEDs efficiently maintain their original brightness all through their life span while other lighting diodes grow less bright as the time progresses. Apart from this, these light do not burn out and cease working like other bulbs.

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Eco-friendly in Working

LED Filament Bulbs Safe in Usage

It is well proven that these light emitting diodes do not possess any harmful material and are recyclable. They help in reducing the carbon content in the environment, thus contributing to making earth a better place to live in. According to studies it has been shown that a single LED light bulb can save material and light of comparatively 25 incandescent light bulbs. The traditional fluorescent bulbs consist of a toxic element like mercury that causes hazardous effects on the environment. Thus, employing the use of LEDs save the environment from the toxic elements.


The filament bulbs are less feeble than other lighting bulbs as they are built sturdy components and are hollow from within. Such a structure increases their strength as they do not get damaged on being dropped and are capable of surviving the abnormal conditions. Being resistant to environmental impacts like vibrations, wind, different weather conditions, they are considered to be a preferred choice for the outdoor lightings. Even for usage in freezer rooms and low-temperature storage, they are the most suitable bulbs. From the technical point of you, these utilize semiconductor material apart from neon gas. Being enclosed within a resin enclosure, these bulbs are robust than the conventional fluorescent bulbs.

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Higher Efficiency

LED Filament Bulbs are Higher Efficiency

LED filament bulbs are highly energy efficient and consume very less power than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Owing to less power consumption, they actually reduce the power cost. Apart from this its maintenance and restoration costs also decrease as they serve a longer life span. In remote areas which use solar panels, these bulbs have been employed to a large extent for their pure profits. Since they have greater lifespan and are energy efficient, they might be a preference for massive urban infrastructure projects like railroads and airports.

Safe in Usage

Safety is the utmost benefit of using LEDs. These filament bulbs do not emit heat as they operate on low voltage and, therefore, are reasonable to touch when left open for hours without causing any serious consequences. Hence, they eliminate the risks of catching burns and fires. Such illuminating objects generate little-infrared rays without any harmful ultraviolet emission. Owing to this advantage, they are preferred for usage in museums and kitchens. Therefore, the LEDs are safer to use in comparison to other lighting systems.

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Color LED Bulbs

LEDs are available in a variety of colors like green, red and blue and can be utilized for different purposes and occasions. This quality impacts them the adaptability of being used in almost all sorts of environment. While the fluorescent lights come only in natural colors of blue and white. Therefore, LEDs are a preferred choice for all types of the occasion, owing to their wide range of benefits.

Currently, the LEDs have a broad range of applications as they offer a huge variety of benefits. So switch to the LEDs and make a difference.

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