Neil  Armstrong

Neil Arm Strong was gone to the moon.This is important news about Neil  Armstrong, very soon you will come to know whether its right or not. Because Russians are searching for this news to prove the truth.

Russians curiosity

Americans were gone to the moon or not? It has examined in Washington that either this photo has taken from the moon or Nevada?? Russians are more curious about it, and they want to know the reality of this picture that is it true or not.They have to decide that they will send a satellite to the moon for investigating, and they said if Americans were gone to the moon than there must be an American flag and their footsteps.

Watley had said that he is just tired and bored talking about it so for taking final decision him will send a satellite to the moon.

My point of view

Russians are just right they should send a satellite to came to know what the reality is because it is first news from all over the world, share this news with your family and friends.

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