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Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Decoration pieces of Himalayan crystal salt lamp


Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Why Should We Use Salt Detoxer?

Are you feeling tired after doing work in a day, after shopping or any heavy work or you feeling any sore on your feet. If you are in this situation, then you want to relax your feet and take some rest. Use of hand and foot detox-er is very helpful in this condition.

Feet have a lot of nerves than the other part of the body. Due to this, many processes are used to clean and relax you body in different salon and spa. But Himalayan salt provides us a unique thing due to this you don’t need to go in any professional place. You just need to buy a detoxer and use it in your home or office efficiently. Detox-er reduces your stress and gives you lots of energy.

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What is a Salt Detoxer?

Himalayan salt provides us a unique natural piece of art that is very helpful to clean our body and mind. When the detoxer is enlightened, then it gives you a unique and gentle light and produces negative ions. You can say that it is a unique product for you that are essential for your body and mind. Detoxer is unique, fascinating and helpful for home and professional use. Detoxes are made from pure and 100% natural salt and based on scientific rules. A bulb is enlightening inside the detoxer, and a wooden base supports the salt dome.

Salt detox-er is different from other detox-er that is available on the market. Some detox-er users told us that when they are using detox-er, they feel the taste of salt in their mouth. You can say that with the use of detox-er, the cleansing process moves in all your body parts and tissues.

Here, I want to share the experience of a detox-er user. He was suffering from skin allergy mainly his hands were severely affected. When he used detox-er on the advice of the doctor, he was cured in days.

Salt Message Stone

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Benefits of Salt Detoxer

There are lots of benefits of detox-er

  • When you enlighten the detox-er, then it creates negative ion for you that makes your air fresh and purify. It also reduces dust, allergy, and bacteria from the atmosphere.
  • When the detox-er becomes hot and, you put your feet on it. Then you feel sweating over there that takes out all toxic and unhealthy material and put in healthy minerals into your body. As a result, you feel comfortable, relaxed, and all your tensions and stress runs away.
  • Himalayan salt contains 84 natural minerals that are excellent for your health. All the minerals absorb into your body and skin.
  • It provides us such a clean and purifying environment that we experience on the beach or forest.
  • It also makes your skin soft and moisturized.
  • It also cleans the elements from your body that cause cancer. Improve your concentration and sleep, also gives relief from tiredness.
  • It calms your nerves.
  • You feel better and more concentrated on your work better when you are working on the computer.
  • You feel relaxed after a very tough exercise.
  • Reduces you the pain of your legs or any other parts of a body.
  • Reduces emotional stress.

Salt detox-er is also used for color therapies like:

  • yellow color illuminate your mind
  • red color gives you strong feeling
  • orange color will relax you
  • white color cleanses your body
  • brown color will balance your body and mind

Here, I want to tell you one secret that the full moon night will give you more energy, strength, and deep detoxification.

Salt Therapy Room

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How to Use Salt Detoxer?

It’s very easy and straightforward to use Himalayan salt detox-er.

  • First, turn on the detoxer and move the dimmer switch at a maximum level for 10 to 2 minutes.
  • When the temperature reaches according to your requirements, then move the dimmer on the common point.
  • For manicure and pedicure: sit in a comfortable position and put your one hand or foot on detox-er and then put other hand and foot on the other.
  • Remain in this position for 10 to 20 minutes or 30 to 60 minutes at least.
  • You can do a long session in a day or do the little session again and again in a day.

Precautions Before Using Salt Detoxer

In some cases, you should consult your doctor before using salt detox-er like

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are under any medical supervision
  • Taking any medicine
  • If you are suffering from any disease, like diabetes
  • If your feet have some problem due to diabetes

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Salt Detoxer

Use of Salt Detoxer With Essential Oils

The heat of Himalayan salt detox-er can take in lotion and oil into your body and skin in a right way. Before using any essential oil, you should try some patch test if you have sensitive skin. You should use oil or lotion that have pure and natural ingredients.

You should cover the detox-er dome with the cotton cloth or towel to protect the surface of detox-er from lotion or oil.

For Your Safety

  • Use salt detox-er only for your hands and feet
  • Never stand on detox-er or put all your weight on it
  • Don’t allow children to play
  • Use only when you are in sitting in comfortable position
  • If the surface is crack or spoil, then don’t use it
  • If you feel any redness or itching after using detox-er, then stop using it.
  • Unplug when you are cleaning or changing the bulb.
  • Always store in dry condition.
  • Don’t use detox-er if wire or switch is damaged.


I hope you liked this article and information regarding detox-er. I am sure that it will be helpful for you. Do not forget to mention your remarks in the comment box regarding the article and experience after using salt detox-er.

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