Afghan forces say retake Kunduz Taliban say battle ongoing.Afghan administrators had said government crowd evoked the planned northern city of Kunduz from Taliban revolted early on Thursday, three days after losing the provincial capital in a disconcerting beat for Kabul and its U.S. allies.

Particular information of the tactical counter-offensive was still rising and increasing, and it was not obvious which regions of the city of 300,000 were back under government control.

A Taliban presenter denied the government had retaken Kunduz; armed insurgent forces were still opposing government forces in the middle and controlled most of the rest of the city.

But fighting continued in other parts of the city, whose brief capture represented a major victory for the insurgents and raised questions about whether NATO-trained Afghan forces were ready to go it alone now that most foreign combat troops have left.

“There are military helicopters in the sky and government forces everywhere,” said Abdul Ahad, a doctor in the city. “Dead Taliban are on the streets, but there are still (militants) in some government buildings fighting Afghan forces.”

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