Affiliate Payments and Earnings

How much will I earn through the WAC Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, you will receive a 50% commission on all purchased Ad space resulting from visitors who clicked your affiliate links.

How are orders tracked to my blog or website?

We are tracking your Affiliate clicks by our own Affiliate Script when you have a referred customer. WAC will then place a 30-day cookie on each visitor’s computer. If your referred customer does not purchase anything immediately but then returns within 30 days, you will still get your commission on his or her purchases.

Do you accept referrals and will I get paid for them?

We thank you for all of your referrals, and we’re glad to let you know that Affiliate script has the capability. You can market for referrals by using the links provided by the WAC Affiliate Program. For every successful signup as an affiliate of your referral, you will be earning $1 and then 10% of their earnings later on.

How can I track my commissions?

Affiliate Script provides real-time reporting that can be easily accessed through their dashboard. Just log in and you will be able to see an updated report of all your commissions.

When can I expect my Affiliate Commissions?

Every 20th of each month, affiliates will receive commissions from their previous month’s sales. All processed payments can be withdrawn using your opted payment method in your Affiliate account.

Is it possible to earn commissions from my own purchase?

As a general rule, no commissions will be earned through self-sales using your own affiliate link. Affiliate Script will notify you that a purchase has been made but commissions from that particular sale will be forfeited.

Additional FAQs

Learn more at our Affiliate Questions page.

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