About Wear and Cheer

A complete info about Wear and Cheer (WAC). Wear and cheer are World Wide Web site that is established in August 2012. Uzma Jaffer and Hafiz Adnan Hussain is the founder of WAC. Sobia Bilal joined later in 2013 as a partner.  The primary goal of designing WAC is to provide unique, creative and accessible information related to beauty, fashion, health and care, celebrities, sports and many other categories.

WAC Team Story

As we completed our study, then we were searching any business, and which suits us and give us more success and money then we decided to establish a website business. And we also decided to give our user a unique and creative material. We’ve always had a passion for cooking, fashion, beauty, health and care. Our hobby always to keep up with style, tips, and design, as we think about fashion, beauty, cooking, health and attention. We always want to write for people by this blog website and how each piece fit not just for the fashion model or the celebrity, but the influential woman in the workplace and her environment.

What WAC Do?

WAC team mission is to support women and men in every field of life. Today’s professional woman is smart, active, lively, dedicated, inhibited for a time, and understands the impact that personal presentation has from the office to the neighborhood party. Our Team esteem, understand and relate to this expanding group of working women. Helping women to look, and, consequently, feel their best is a way of making a contribution.

When WAC team is not absorbed in all things fashion, working with clients, speaking to groups, or running this blog, you will find him spending time with family, friends, and engaging in other creative outlets… painting, crafting, development of websites and mobile apps, travel and more.

We work and move fast as to proved quick and unique information to our visitors. There are lots of article on WAC related to fashion, beauty, entertainment and other categories.

Small but efficient and hard working team is working on WAC to create great quality material for our visitors

Miss Uzma Jafar

I’m also a graphics and web designer; I’ve designed about 300+ websites and a lot of stuff for Mobile Apps, Info-graphics, and print media. I’m also a web developer, for this field of information technology I’ve found another three big companies first one Bit-tech Web Solutions, Doer Group, and the other one 99 Pillars, where we develop desktop application software, websites web apps, and mobile apps for both Android and iPhone.

Hafiz Adnan Hussain

My name is Hafiz Adnan Hussain; I’m the founder of Bit-tech Web Solutions as well as Co-founder of Wear and Cheer, the web designer and developer, also works in web and mobile apps development, I develop mobiles apps for Android, iPhone and iOS platforms. Having more than 13 years of experience in Information Technology field, I’ve already worked on more than 1000 different types of projects for small and big companies including, web designs, website, Android, iPhone, iOS and Desktop Application Software development.

Actually, I’m an expert of fault tracing and bug fixing that’s why I like to work with difficult projects, sometimes as a passion I write some articles which I like to share with you guys, so I have written many articles like more than 500 articles on different topics on many blogs and websites. Nowadays I’m writing for Wear and Cheer  and bittechwebsolutions in these 2 websites you’ll find my latest articles on top legends of the World and website design and development topics.

Sobia Bilal

Sobia Bilal is an energetic and talented girl. She is a professional writer and expert of cooking, beauty and SEO. She starts her day with writing a blog.

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