We all love to party. But when it comes to the children, they always enjoy a theme based party more than any other parties. Like, a Halloween Party or a fancy party is a happy party for children. So, to make a child’s birthday memorable and enjoyable to him/her, one can certainly plan for a Unicorn Party, selecting the theme as Rainbow. A colorful surprise party as a birthday bash would be the best gift a child can ever get on his/her birthday. Various ideas of this rainbow themed unicorn party decor are discussed in this article.

Party Decor

Party Decor

Any party becomes successful with its crowd, and the crowd first sees the decoration. A rainbow themed party can be perfectly decorated by certain simple sweet but unique things. First, the invitation card- a scalloped card with a colored unicorn upon it (anyone from the rainbow colors)would be a perfect invitation card for the theme party.

Next is hall decoration- different shaped Colorful Balloons, like heart or star or unicorn, with tissue tussles, painted in rainbow colors can be used. Besides, crushed paper cuttings, including unicorn figures, and colorful ribbons can be hanged from the ceiling to give it a celebration feel. The background wall should be any light color, preferably white, to highlight the colors. Also, colorful lighting chains can give the party atmosphere the essence of rainbow. Lastly, a thank you card, made of colorful rainbow pastels can be the best finisher.

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Party Food

Party Food

Firstly, the birthday cake can best be a pearl topped layered pastel rainbow colored cake, with a white unicorn candle stuck upon it. Little unicorn printed plates and spoons along with colorful tissues will brighten the theme.

Like food, there can be colorful chocolate boxes, full of different shaped cookies. Besides, rainbow colored pearl candies and DIY candy cupcakes can be served on unicorn printed colorful trays or in ‘You Are Magical’ unicorn lunch boxes. Light colored lemonades in mason jars would also be an attraction for the children. Surprisingly, one can also add rainbow poop cookies in their food list.



To make the theme party happening, there have to be exciting games. –

1. Silly Color Powder Throw

This game will provide real hearty laughs from the children. In the game, each of the children is to be given white covered dress, and the bucket filled with Colored Powder. The rule is to make each other colorful. The rule is not to throw powder on someone’s face, and once a kid being sprayed, he/she can’t move. Let them play till they run out of color powders and in the end, the one with least colorful costume will win

2. Rainbow Wranglers

This is best performed at a place with enough place to run. There will be one person, who will be the Wrangler. And among the other kids, different colors will be given, and they would make each pair (2 of same colors)/ group (>2 of the same color) with the similar color. The Wrangler, when calls a color, that pair or group needs to cross the place without being caught by the wrangler; if caught, they will help the Wrangler to capture other color pairs. In the end, the one who would be left from touched will be the next one.

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3. Color Ring Toss

Here, one child is crowned with a unicorn horn. And others are given round colored ribbons and are stood in a queue near about a 5 feet distance from the crowd head child. Each child will get three chances once to make the ribbon on the horn of the unicorn. If one fails, he will stand at the end of the queue again.

4. Rainbow Round-Up

Pick up 3 or 4 rainbow colored balloons, inflate them and keep them in one corner of the floor while maintaining a hula-hoop on the other corner. Hand a plastic broom to each child on their turn and let them sweep the chosen colorful balloons within the hula-hoop without popping them. Give them 1 minute time. One, who would take the least time to accomplish the task will be the winner.

5. Rainbow Run

First, divide the kids into 2/3 groups and hand each group a spoon. Then at the starting point, keep numbers of the bowl full of colored sanding sugar, for each group one bowl and at the finishing point one empty bowl for each team. The task is every member of each group needs to carry a spoon full of colored sanding sugar and dump them in their destination empty bowl; if someone spills the sugar on his or her way, that group needs to restart. The one group to finish the task in minimum time will be the winner.

Party Outfit

Party Outfit

As the theme of the birthday party is the rainbow, so people have to wear rainbow- coloring dresses (one color/ multi-color). And for the birthday girl, a two piece stitched frock can be made first- the upper part of a flower printed fabric, the lower one with rainbow stripped fabric. Then on the above part, a back opened semi-coat with colorful buttons stitched to it can be made, where a unicorn applique is stitched with coordinated colored thread at the heart of the bodice. The size of the frock will be according to the age.

The decoration as mentioned earlier, food, games and dress code would just be best for a happening rainbow themed unicorn birthday party of the little princess.