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A Guide to Palm Reading

A Guide to Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Do you want to know about your future by palm reading? So come on now. Palmistry has been thousands of years old and still famous today. It has roots in Indian astrology. But it doesn’t matter where you came from. Everybody is at least a tiny bit snooping about what their hands’ valor tell them. The best way to sort a future you are pleased with is to take decisive, positive action every day. However, if you want to putter on the theoretical side of things, it can be fun to read your honor.

Hand reading is a very old-fashioned, but I know everyone should have a party trick. Palmistry is very easy to learn, and it is better to ask about your fortune to others you do it. I’ve written a guide to palm reading below. There are a lot of lines, bumps, mounts, and clues you can read, but I have kept it very simple and understandable. Which palm do you want to read? Usually, you should read both. The about the palm is that the left-hand shows potential, but the right-hand indicates that you have done with that. Some people believe that:

“The left is what the gods give you; the right is what you do with it.”

A Guide to Palm Reading

There are four main types of hands, which relate to the elements.

1- Earth Hands

Earth Palm Reading

Earth hands are wide-ranging with square-shaped palms and fingers. They are thick or have rough skin and ruddy in appearance. The length of fingers and palm is usually equal. These people are practical and level-headed people who absorb by doing something rather than reading about it. They love the severe or risk taking outdoor activities like surfing or hiking. These people can be pretty conservative.

2- Air Hands

Air Palm Reading

Air hands feature rectangular or square palms with long fingers. They often have dry skin, flat thumbs, or bulging knuckles. The length of palm and fingers are equal. These people are very intellectual, always full of ideas, and probing.

Air types almost hum with nervous energy and can be disposed to anxiety and stress. They are great communicators, but they can affect their feelings too much. This can clue to complications within their nearby relationships.

3- Water Hands

Water Palm Reading

Water hands are built on a little, occasionally oval palm, with long as well as flexible fingers. Their palm is usually broader than it is long with fingers identical to the height of the palm.

These people are emotional and always try to find the peace – are horribly artistic. They can’t be easily deal with stress and mostly motivated by feelings.

4- Fire Hands

Fire Palm Reading

These hands have a rectangular or square palm, pink skin, or flushed, with short fingers. Such types of people are energetic and always on the go. They require variety and can be a little impatient plus intolerant. These people are fiercely individual and make great leaders.

If your hands are sweaty, its means you are unstable and lazy, but well-meant. If your hands are hot, you are lucky, wild and can be insincere. Cold hands mean, you’re reserved, liberal, and a bit of a recluse.

Lines Palm Reading

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5- Heart Line – Love and Romance

Heart line is all about your romance and love. If it starts under the index finger, you have a satisfying love life. Below your middle finger is the starting point of your heart line, its means you are selfish in love. Your heart line starts somewhere in between your first two fingers, and you fall in love quickly. Little heart line shows little interest in love or romance. If your line you’re your life, it means your heart breaks quickly.

An honest and straight heart line which innings parallel to your life line means you are remarkably concrete in matters of love. A long curvy heart line means you show feeling with sensitivity and ease. A curved heart line means you’ll have many fans, few of them solemn.

6- Head Line – Wisdom and Intellect

It is also known as wisdom line and shows your intelligence or understanding. The short headline shows you prefer real accomplishments over intellectual ones. You’d go hiking than write an essay. A straight line denotes structure and practicality. Usually, the curvy headline shows the spontaneity and creativity. A separation between your lifeline and your headline indicates that you have an unquenchable thirst for adventures and lust for life. If any cross or circle in your headline it means you have an emotional crisis of some kind. Multiple crosses show you have to make many big decisions in your life.

7- Life Line – Destiny

It is the symbol of fortune and also shows your character including the important event that will happen in your life. The length of the line doesn’t show when you are going to die. If your life and your thumb distance are minuscule, it means you’ve low energy level and are habitually tired.

Other than that, a wide curvy life line shows that you have sufficiently of energy. If it leaps in a semi-circle, you are active and happy. The straight or close to the edge of your palm, it shows you are cautious in your relationships. A dark, long life line demonstration your inner energy, but a short and light life line shows others easily handle you. Circle in life line indicates that you’ll be hospitalized or injured. If you have got a break in it, means you have significant changes in lifestyle.

8- Fate Line – Future

If you don’t have a fate line, don’t worry because not everyone has a destiny line. A light fate line describes that future actively controls you. If you have many breaks in your line, it means external forces will change your life many times.

A fate line joins to the lifeline. It means you are a self-improving and self-made lover. If fate line initiates at the base of your palm, you’ll find physically in the public eye repeatedly.

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