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9 Things I Love About Winter

9 Things I Love About Winter

I know, mostly people like to live in winter for entire life. They know what it is like to go for months without seeing the sun. However, winter season feels like very shorter except the longest month February. More than average people aren’t living the happy life in this cold winter. They suffer different problems and diseases also. After the long term of battling the winter blues, I have built out a few things that will help you, how to feel happy during a cold winter. Here is the list of 9 things I love about winter.

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Warm Beverages

The Facts of coffee

For the chill of cold winter, nobody rid to like the hot mug of coffee or tea and nothing satisfies your sweet tooth like a big hot chocolate including whipped cream and marshmallows. Oh! Yes, Other than that, don’t forget about the hot Irish coffees, mulled wine, hot toddies, and all those boozy concoctions.

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Snow Days

Snow days Enjoyment Pics

However, snow it known as a very trouble. But, it is looking breathtaking at that time when it covers all the things in its white blanket. Quickly it becomes brown, disgusting and irritating to remove and walk around in. But there is nothing as celebrated as in receipt of pleasant holiday days due to windy weather. Enjoy it, because no matter how hot it gets, you still have to go on.

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Movie Season

Season of Movie in Snow Days

Winter is the best time for the film it is not necessary you go to the theater for watching the movie you watch at your home. Not only you get a handful of the best studio pics – you watch the last year’s movies – but all the popular movies that are up for Oscar award as well. You can also see the King’s Speech and The Fighter, True Grit and Black Swan and ton of others movies which you can watch in this cold winter with hot popcorn.

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Warm Clothes Layers

Summer is great because you are wearing fewer clothes as compared to winter and you have many ways to describe yourself through your wardrobe. But this is not happening in winter, in this weather, you wear too layers of clothes like you wear the sweater over your shirts, leg warmer tights over your legs and boots over your pants many other warm towels.

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Corn and Chicken Soup

Soup is the most favorite dish of cold winter. Everybody have its desire for making your cold winter awesome. You can also try chicken soup, minestrone, Italian wedding, vegetable, cream of mushroom, cream of broccoli and many other kinds of soup.


Winter Accessories

Everybody likes accessories in every season. Every weather have their types accessories like as summer has coolest sexy accessory of all, sunglasses, but cold winter has hot clothes, scarf, boots, hats, leg warmers, and mittens, etc. Before leaving the house, you take up two.

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See Also


Sledding Season in Winter Pics

Sledding is only most favorite activity that snow, and if you have not been sledding in the last year, you’re missing out on the greatest cool winter activity. There are many activities which help you to make your winter more impressive, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and ice skating. Climb the hill and race down. You do it repeatedly until your toes or hands are cold and have to be rushed to the hospital.

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Fires for Room Warm

It is not the kind of your home, but it’s the type of your home. A space heater is excellent, but there is nothing like the radiating heat and light from a real fire right there in your bedroom. When your room warm up, you feel fantastic and move away from the fire. Ah! If you are rich or lucky person have a fireplace, that’s good.

Warm Weather Vacations

Warm Weather Vocations Pics

I know everybody like to celebrate the cold winter right now, but in all honesty, the best thing for that moment when you feel brief spell you move warm weather areas and enjoy your vacations.

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So what do you have ideas on this list? Feel free to share in the comment blog below. I did appreciate it and approve it with love. Thanks!

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