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9 Qualities of Good Wife

9 Qualities of Good Wife

Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick on the CBS drama "The Good Wife" on the CBS Television Network. Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/CBS © 2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.

I am in a relationship and hope I am a good wife. We got married three years ago, and now when I see in my last three years, there are many types of things that my husband don’t like me, or you can say that I don’t know how to treat my husband in a good way. Well I have polished my personality, and now I can say that I am a good wife only for my deer husband, I’ll try to explain how you can in this title: 9 Qualities of Good Wife

When our relationship starts everything was so beautiful, charming and good. I think I am the lucky person in the world but the things are not remain same and there are many types of some small misunderstanding between us. We fight with each other on small point and don’t want to spend more time with each other. I feel our relationship will become ends soon but not I though and took a decision to make everything like before. I notice many types of my bad deeds that I have done after a relationship and notice many type of mistake in my own personality. Huh, that was very critical for me so i decide to change these habits and groom my personality and polish myself as a good wife.

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To take best benefits from this article you have to question yourself must. Are you a good wife? Are you teasing your husband on little points? Are you expecting more from your husband? Have you maintained your home according to the new style? Have you groomed your personality according to your husband wishes?

These are some question, and if you answer them correctly and maintain yourself, then you will become a good wife. Let we discuss these points in detail.

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Express your feeling and needs in a good way

Your husband is not a jaunt that he can understand you feeling and needs. You have to tell him about what you are feeling and what you want. What are your basic needs that you want from your husband? If your husband does not understand then tell him in a positive mood like

  • When he is not coming home early then send him a text that ” I feel ignore if you come after 7:00 Am,
  • If you want to go out with your husband then you should decide and plain to go out by sending text messages in the day time.

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Don’t fight like illiterate people

Well when we are in a relationship then there are lots of things that you don’t like or sometime creating some difficulties in your life. It’s not mean that you fight with your husband like an illiterate people, or you criticized you husband badly. The best thing is that divides your duties and has to be sticking them. But if your husband is not performing his duties in a good way then talk with polity and solve your issues because these small issues become a worst fight one day between you and your husband.

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Be polite when you are discussing on an issue or problem

Dont Fight with YOur Hubby

When you are discussing some point and you are not agree with your husband don’t reject the opinion of your husband. Infect you have to respect the opinion of you husband and tell him about your opinion in a good way. Also you don’t argue with your husband when he is paying bill, on a job or solving any other problem.

And whenever you commit a mistake then admit it properly and try to build a good relationship like educated people.

Talk to your husband, not other

There are many bad things in your husband but don’t discuss them with your family and finds. As it hurt the ego of your husband, infect you have to talk with you husband and solve your problems. When you discuss the bad aspects of your husband with your friends or other family members then your other family members not want that you live with your husband. But you only understand the importance of your husband, so you should talk with your husband not any other.

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Organize your home according to new styles

Home Decoration - Fashion


People like cleaning and proper management in their home. A proper management in every corner of home gives piece and calm. When your husband enter in the home after a long day work and look at the neat, clean and well menage home then all her tension and tiredness will lost in seconds. As your husband reached home the dinner should be ready, all dishes should be washes and managed properly, all scatted tings have be managed and the children must be clean and well dress. Try this secrets and share your experience with us.

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You have to know properly how to cook tasty food

It is said that if you want to make your husband happy then give him tasty and variety of dishes. Different type of breakfast and dishes will be made especially for your husband. Make different type of pizza, cakes, shakes, drinks, cutlass and different appetite.

Maintain yourself properly

A main quality of good wife is that he should maintain her personality properly. You should dress up and wear makeup as your husband like. When you husband comes home dress up properly and wear a good makeup and wear a good shoes. In short you should be neat, clean and you also use some romantic perfume.

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Plain some extra time for each other

Well if you have short or long relationship the best thing is that if you want to make your relationship strong forever is simple gives time to each other separately. If you are too much busy don’t worry talk to your partner and tell him/her about your routine and work and decide a date after some days. In my point of view you have to plain a date with your partner as you ware meet at first time or at start. On the time of date wear a favorite dress of your spouse, pick favorite bag and make up etc. give him/ her more time and feel him/her that your partner is most important for you. There should not be any third person like your children, other family members,  cell phone, mail or social activities, Just you and your partner.

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Sexual satisfaction

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In a strong relationship sexual satisfaction also has much importance for both people. When your partner wants to do sex with you doesn’t stop or delay it, just give time to your partner when he wants. Every person has different type e of satisfaction according to their body requirements , so you should fulfill the requirements of your spouse regarding sex.

  • Touch your spouse
  • Kiss in a passionate mode and hug
  • Romance for a long time and satisfy it properly

Sexual satiation is the main key of strong relationship because many couple who are not satisfying their spouse will become bore with each other and they fight on little things as a result these little fight become worst and end up your relationship at last.

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