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9 Free Business Productivity Tools for Startups

9 Free Business Productivity Tools for Startups

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Starting a business can be a risky try, particularly if all you have is a neat product and not enough capital.

In the tech world, or in any other place of business, the majority does not succeed not as they have bad products but because they are not capable of making enough customer interest in their products. 

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An allowed expenses and other back-office daily expenditure, this situation doesn’t come as a revelation. So if you’re still starting out your business and find yourself short of money for the reasonable amount what you want then read this article, it will help you a lot. Here are nine free business productivity tools for startups. Let’s know about them.

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If you require a teamwork tool your staff is most possible to take up with practical patience and least training, take the social intranet way. is the best rising social intranet that’s free for businesses with 12 workers or fewer. The application comes as a grouping of quite a few different work tools like CRM, project managing, real-time streaming, activity scheme, file allotment, to name just a few. Because it is cloud-based, contact can be everywhere, whether using your PC or Smartphone. An upgrade to limitless consumers starts at $99 per month.

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In this age of e-mail and immediate messaging, you’d believe fax machines are no longer applicable. But if a LinkedIn analysis as stated by Mashable is to be thought, fax machines are at rest in 2017 steps in to be used.

As you have before now judged from the site’s name, is an online facility that lets you mail to three pages of fax for free (at least of two faxes for each day) to all numbers in the United States or Canada. This fantastic site also presents premium pay-per-fax service should you have to to send more.

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#3. is an online efficiency tool that helps in job and time managing. Remember The Milk is a function as your task manager, electronic calendar and to-do list. Moreover, it lets you share and make tasks with other people; the application can be included with Gmail, also.

The pro account is priced at $25 for one year and comes with limited mobile app features and Microsoft Outlook incorporation.

#4. is an open-source grouping teamwork server that lets you to sharing of notes, e-mail contact, calendar association, task managing, address book protection, news aggregation, phone sync and journal amalgamation. Kolab is safe, scalable, dependable, and mobile and expert and it have ensuring efficiency in every step of the way. As a whole, the application is just fantastic to make use of it.

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Previously, is accounting software that’s very quick, simple and easy to make use of, it presents limitless invoicing and expenditure tracking. 100% free for little businesses with nine workers or fewer, it’s accountant-approved and specially intended for non-accountants. You can also firmly attach your bank and PayPal accounts or other sources of data, and your dealings are mechanically imported into the accounting software.

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If you want to make your business presence identified, then one reliable way is the sharing of press releases. is a site where you can allow press releases for free. And if you think you don’t have the essential knowledge to make a killer press release, the site provides directions on how to write one, even how to set in videos and what is essential.


One basic business regulation is that companies should have their websites to increase their market occurrence online. is a free website maker that doesn’t need website formation knowledge. Until you’re prepared to go for more mobile and self-hosted sites that would require monthly or yearly expenditure, is a high-quality option.

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For get-togethering in business or web meetings on the fly, is a simple-to-use teleconferencing function that lets you to analysis papers and designs, train employees, do product revelations – essentially to get everybody apprised of company updates. You can do transatlantic web conferences and arrangements, also. It will help you a lot.

#9. will assist you with task computerization. For a recipe to work, you have to have a channel, an activate and an act. Examples of channels are Facebook, e-mail, Evernote, LinkedIn, just to talk about and the small number of.

For example, if you’re tagged in a photograph on Facebook, you can make a recipe that would routinely download the image into Dropbox.

What other free business productivity tools can you recommend?

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