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8 Essential Tips to Make Your Rugs Last Longer

8 Essential Tips to Make Your Rugs Last Longer

A great rug can tie a room together, but even the most durable floorings don’t last forever and lose their colors and softness with time. While there is no way to escape this, it is possible to slow down the process of discoloration, thus making your rugs last longer. For starters.

1. Buy a Decent Doormat

Buy a Decent Doormat

Protecting your carpets means you should reduce the dirt coming from the outside world as much as possible. Cheap doormats are not going to do the trick. They only pick up dust from your shoes and let go of it just as quickly when somebody else steps on them. In a way, the more you use them, the more dirt you have on your shoes, so don’t!

2. Remove Your Shoes

Beautiful toe peep shoes in yellow

The less dirt you get on our carpets, the better. Dirt usually sifts down to your carpet’s’ backing and wears down the fibers. Soil from gardens and other green spaces dulls the fiber colors while fine grit scratches the fibers. All this attributes to the discoloration of your floor covering and makes regular vacuuming almost obsolete. Still…

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3. Vacuum Everyday

Essential Accessories to clean through Vacuum

Regular vacuuming is necessary, but so is doing it right. Always do it slowly so your machine can suck up more dirt as it goes. Always run your cleaner in both directions and not just one. Don’t ignore your crevice tool for those hard to reach room angles. These angles are the number one place where dirt and germs accumulate over time.

4. Treat Stains as Soon as They Appear

Cleaning Floor

If you leave the stain, it will become much harder to clean. The harder it is to remove, the harsher chemicals it would require, and that’s never good for rug fibers. Try to avoid using commercial carpet cleaners, as effective as they might be, and they often have effects on your carpets as well. Always be gentle when blotting new spills and do not be tempted to rub and scrub. That will only spread the stain further, and it will go deeper into the fibers. Always check if your carpet has a spot removal chart with its warranty. This will help you know what stains you can treat yourself and what to cleave to professional cleaning technicians.

5. Dust Your Home

Clean and Neat Home

Dirt is not the only enemy of your carpets and rugs – dust also is. Even though it doesn’t seem like a serious threat as dirt or drink spills, it also accumulates in your carpet fibers just like it does on your furniture and plants. The tiny particles, in addition to ruining the colors of your floorings, are also bad for your family’s health. By dusting your home daily, you protect your carpets from sustaining yet another layer of unwanted material between their fibers. Another way to fight dust is to keep the filters in your air conditioner clean. That way you prevent the nasty particles from entering your home from the inside, which might seem like the little step, but would make a huge difference in the long run.

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6. Have Professional Cleaning at Least Once a Year

Professional Cleaning Rugs

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Professional steam or dry cleaning is not a substitute for cleaning your rugs on your own. It is just another means of making sure your textile floorings last longer. Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is very effective at removing old stains and cleaning your carpets and rugs in depth. The only downside is you have to wait for your floorings to dry before using them again. On the other hand, dry cleaning is the best solution for special, one of a kind, expensive rugs which you can hardly clean with vinegar or baking soda. The special powder or shampoo the pros use is dirt absorbing which causes no damage to your rugs. After it absorbs all the nasty particles from your rugs, the technicians suck it up with their powerful vacuum cleaners.

7. Clean Air Ducts

Clean Air Ducts

Besides your shoes, dirt and dust find their way to your home and carpets via your air ducts. That’s why, if you want to prolong the life of your rugs, it’s important to keep the air ducts clean. This will not only help reduce dust inside your home but make for better air quality as well.

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8. Switch Up Furniture Placement

Sofa - Comfort

Every once in awhile change the placement of your furniture pieces. It’s important to change traffic patterns, so your rugs wouldn’t be worn out unevenly. There’s also the aspect of furniture legs always leaving pile crushings on your rugs. Fortunately, that too is avoided can be prevented when you change furniture positions from time to time. Using carpet protectors under the legs is also recommended.

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