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8 Easy Ways To Get Your Body Back After Giving Birth

8 Easy Ways To Get Your Body Back After Giving Birth

It is impossible to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy, and this is not only due to the weird cravings or the urge to consume lots of food but also due to several other factors. However, once you have the baby, it is important to get your body back as this will make you look and feel great. For most mothers, it is easier said than done because they will focus more on raising their newborn baby and forget about themselves. But, there is still hope because there are many things that you can do to get your old body back and do it within a short time. Below are some of the easy ways to get your body back after giving birth.

1. Breastfeed

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Breast milk is one of the best gifts that you can give for your baby as it ensures that you provide them with a healthy start to their life. Apart from also helping to create a bond between a mother and the infant it can also help you shed off some weight. Breastfeeding will burn anything between 500 and 800 calories each day depending on the number of times the baby feeds. And so if you breastfeed exclusively for the first six months you can be sure that you will lose a lot of weight and probably even get back your old body even without doing any rigorous exercises.

2. Take Naps

Girl Sleeping

Getting lots of sleep has been proven to be a very effective weight loss mechanism. However, a baby will interfere with your sleep cycle, and you will hardly get more than a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. However, you can solve this problem by following the child’s sleep cycle so that you can both be asleep and awake at the same intervals. Apart from this, you can have someone to help you out with the baby so that you can take some short naps during the day as this will keep your energy levels high and ensure that you do not have cravings.

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3. Start When Still Pregnant

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It is normal to put on some weight when you are pregnant, but this does not mean that you should throw away caution and eat a lot and unhealthy food. The more the pounds that you put on during pregnancy, the harder it will be to get rid of them. And so it is vital to avoid gaining unnecessary pregnancy weight. You should also not be a couch potato and instead keep active with some light exercises such as walking around the block.

4. Only Take Healthy Snacks

Vegetables and Fruits

The sugary and tasty snacks are bad for you when you are pregnant and also once you give birth. If you have any hopes of getting back your old shape, you should only take healthy snacks. To avoid temptation only keep healthy snacks around you. Low-fat milk and yogurt are also perfect because the calcium will help in weight loss as it blocks the hormone that stores fat. Whole grain cereal, fruit smoothies, hard boiled eggs, and apples are some of the healthy things that you can snack on to aid in weight loss.

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5. Connect with Other Moms for Helpful Tips


Connecting with other new moms in blogs and other forums can be very beneficial. Sharing experiences with others is an excellent source of information and encouragement, and you will be able to get many helpful tips from these online forums. It is also a good idea to connect with other mothers in your neighborhood for regular exercises. Working out alone is not easy, but when you have other people to encourage you to go for a run every morning, getting back your old body becomes more attainable.

6. Get Moving

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Most new moms will always have an excuse for not getting up and walking around, and they include things like they are still recuperating or that they have to take care of their infant. However, neither should prevent you from getting up and moving because you will only need a maximum of six weeks to recuperate in most cases. Even as you are recovering, you can still walk around for a couple of minutes which is better than spending all your day seated. After a few weeks, you will be ready for cardio, and you should make it intense for about half an hour and do it at least thrice a week.

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7. Watch your Calorie and Fat Intake

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At the end of your pregnancy, you will probably not have any problem with the food portion that you eat because the baby takes up a lot of space and hence making your stomach smaller than usual. However, you might feel the urge to eat more after delivery which is a big mistake. You should be very keen with the amount of food that you eat and this is more so when it comes to calories and fat because this is what will prevent you from getting back your old body. If you are not sure about the number of calories that you should take per day, you can consult a nutritionist. You can also visit websites like Mom Discuss for advice on the right amount of calories and fat for a new mom.

8. Natural Weight Loss Remedies Can Also Work

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Natural remedies can also be effective but you will have to find something that works for you and will also not affect your infant in any way such as reducing your milk production. If you are not sure what to use, you can consult your doctor or any other expert. A few cups of green tea spread across the day can be perfect for weight loss. Munching on cucumbers, celery, and tomatoes or eating cabbage at least once a day can also be an effective way of shedding excess pounds.

The easy ways to get your body back after giving birth above are very useful if you follow them. But, it is important always to ensure that anything that you do does not put your baby in harm’s way or affect him or her in any negative way. You should also not allow the extra pounds to weigh you down psychologically because it is normal to gain weight when pregnant. Lastly, give your body enough time to recuperate before you can start on the weight loss.

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