Being an English professor; I love words, and I always search for amazing word game apps for a guilt-free pastime. I’m doing some research for apps that my students can download to develop their spelling and make bigger their vocabulary! I am going to tell you some wonderful apps for you that will increase your word knowledge, if you are a student or a teacher, these apps will help you a lot. Here are my favorite seven beautiful word game apps for a guilt free pastime. Lets knows about these apps.


7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

I love this game it has improved my vocabulary, and it will also improve your language learning. The gentle traditional music that goes with it. It’s an easy and innate game which is about a cross among Tetris and a word-search and had more than one million downloads so far. It’s one of my much loved word game apps. Each mystery has a number of words on a special idea such as fruit or my preferred, song lyrics, and all the letters are joined. Your work is to search the word and steal it so that the tiles vanish and allow the remaining tiles collapse into place, instructing new words. But the test is to eliminate them in the exact order so that you can complete the level. It’s quite addictive!

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7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

This game presents the player with a lattice and a list of words which you have to search for a nutshell search-rescue method. You can select from two game procedures. In Challenge method, you can effort through a series of levels and in Time Attack, you must search many words as probable in a specified time. If you like word seeking, it’s an enjoyable game that you can play with family and friends, and it is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary as there are some obscure words which you can locate the meaning for with the dictionary facility. And your knowledge increases.

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3. 4 PICS 1 WORD

7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

It is one of the best apps and very amusing. The player presented with four photographs which all have one thing in ordinary and a selection of letters at the base of the screen and yes, you know it, you require guessing the word that connects all the images. New levels are soon to be accessible for the experts amid. I’m not one of them.

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7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

I like and love this game. It was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine in September 2011, and if it’s sufficient for Oprah, it’s sufficient for me! It is a grand game for fans of crossword puzzles and anagram games. Every puzzle has seven hits, seven anonymity words, and twenty letter groups. Your work is to locate the anonymity words by working out the hints and joining the letter groups.  It’s both a testing and amusing game for everyone.

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7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

I know it’s an odd name for a word game app, and I’m not certain why 94 is the magical digit, but it’s the time in which you are being tested by being given one type, one letter, and one word. For example, a fruit starting with B? I doubt it is tougher on the brain than that, and there are more than 50 individual categories to test your friends.


7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

It’s a vocabulary increasing game, and it will also improve your language skill. In this enjoyable game, the player is offered with a network and tiles which, when put jointly correctly, create lines of words. The work is to mend the puzzle. It is an excellent brain-training game as it can assist with spelling and language building. There are six levels entirety, the first three of which are free.

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7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt Free Pastime

This is very funny and great game for all of word freaks and fans of word searches Scrabble and Boggle. Players must hobble and organize the letters to form words and there are lots of types and dozens of puzzles. It’s one more bright way to increase your vocabulary and to make perfect your spelling. Any game that attracts me I play it.

There are a lot of word games out there and they are amazing and funny for all ages. The enjoyable thing is you can always test your friends and family also.With so many fabulous free apps, There’s an incredible collection of apps for your daily use, give me feedback. Do you have any suggestions?