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7 Ways to Become a Great Lover

7 Ways to Become a Great Lover

Pleasing a woman seems to be pretty simple. But is it? We can argue. When it comes to the fair sex, nothing is guaranteed. Well, every girl has her specific preferences, but some rules are universal. Uncover those right now with!

1. Learn From Day to Day

Love-Valatines Day

If you make no progress, your love life stagnates. Once you master the very basic things, it is time to upgrade your techniques. Without constant learning, you can’t be a skilled lover. Read more thematic literature, watch more films, gain from your peers` experience – any details can promote your competence. This is not hard at all. What can be more interesting than learning new things about sexuality?

2. No Hurrying

10 Reasons Vacation Sex Is the Best

Yes, men tend to quicken everything. On the contrary, ladies prefer to enjoy every single minute of time together. Sometimes, your mutual passion is too strong to slow it down, but usually, your girlfriend needs some time to come in the right mood. Don’t be over persistent if she asks you to keep up the tempo – that’s how female physique works.

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3. Choose the Right Time and Place

Vacation Sex

The atmosphere is a critical factor for satisfying her. You just can’t make out on a shabby sofa or a dirty floor and breathing the cigarette smoke in. Well, some ladies like it for sure, but we wouldn’t advise you to exploit this so often. As the rule, your sweetheart needs more romantic air. Don’t get upset if you lack imagination – the Internet is always at your service.

4. Hygiene Matters

Vacation Sex

Despite all those fantasies about brutal sticky males, girls mostly appreciate neat guys. Besides, you have to maintain your body in a good shape either (if you wish to impress her, of course). Good-looking appearance indicates your good health. Sure, this is easy – take up sports, maintain proper nutrition, keep your body fresh and clean.

5. Words are Needed

Sex with new boy

Talkativeness has never been a manly characteristic. Your deeds must express you, not your words – that’s true. However, it is not always enough to delight your partner. As you might know, women fall in love with what they hear and not with what they see. So don’t hesitate to tell nice things to your love. Even if you don’t look like a cover boy, properly chosen words will touch your lady’s heart.

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6. What About Some Preparation?

Sex with new boy

First, you meet at a café, then go to a park, and finally, come to your place to stay in private. Every time, a scenario is just the same. How about trying something different? Candles, roses, a tasty dinner, or a hot bath – pick any options before you go to bed. Foreplay would also be great. Here, everything depends on how far your fantasy goes.

7. Give Her What She Desires

Sex with new boy

Obviously, your woman deserves the best treatment. Have you ever asked her about what she prefers in bed? Unfortunately, many guys forget to do so. Consequently, their girlfriends don’t get enough tenderness and attention. Somehow, they manage to deal with the discontent. But you don’t want your girl feeling distracted, do you? Become more concerned about what she wants to get and how it should be.

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