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7 Ways To Stop Men’s Hair Loss Naturally

7 Ways To Stop Men’s Hair Loss Naturally

Different Ways to Stop Men's Hair Loss

We might think our scalp hair is firmly attached to us, but in reality, it is the other way around. Do you get the sinking feeling of regret after haircuts? Does spotting hair clots in your hairbrush make your heart take a leap? If yes, then evidently you are more attached to your hair than your hair is attached to you.

No matter how scary the thought may sound, you will go through extensive hair loss as you age; men even earlier than their female counterparts. Whenever their hair loss is mentioned, men like to quote a consoling myth about their hair loss which claims that it begins earlier for men because they are the wiser of the two genders. They use up the bulk of nutrition that goes up to their head in lengthy thought processes, thereby falling first victims to hair loss.

Wise or unwise, nobody likes a balding head, not men not women. One option is hair transplant in Pakistan, India, etc. but not people in these countries are willing to afford the costs and after-effects that follow transplants.

This is where natural remedies kick in. A list of some of these remedies has been made below for men suffering from interminable hair loss:

7 Ways To Stop Men’s Hair Loss Naturally

1. A Healthier, Improved Diet

Calories Free Breakfast

Hair, for the most part, is protein. Therefore, a great deal of your hair health depends on your diet. Unfortunately, the world as of now is under a fast food monarchy. This North-American trend has added to people’s diet foods that are high in fats, proteins, and salts. As these nutrients begin piling up inside the body, an acidic environment sets in. Also paradoxically, too much protein in the diet is a proven cause of baldness.

What you need is a diet rich in iron, proteins, and foods like lean red meat and dark green vegetables. The increased ferritin and oxygen supply to the hair follicles caused by these foods helps in healthy growth of hair. Together with these, a little omega-3 fatty acid, found in fish, nuts, seeds, and seed oils, goes a long way. It provides the scalp all the necessary oils and lubrication.

Everyone agrees with the power of vitamins! Vitamin B12 can be singlehandedly counter pre- mature hair loss, D facilitates healthy follicular growth, and E maintains the moisture in the scalp.

Bottom-line, your salvation from hair loss lies in whole foods, such as lentils, eggs, spinach, salmon, pumpkin seeds, red meat, etc. You are not expected to live on just these but make them a major part of your diet.

2. Detox!

You may not realize how certain behaviors and habits can elevate the hair loss process for you until it’s too late. Therefore, we’re telling you now. If your fondness for any of the following has exceeded to the point of addiction, you are at a loss:

  •  Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Coffee

These will dehydrate you until your hair begins to die and fall out. Alcohol is also responsible for depleting the body’s iron and zinc stores while cigarette smoke and tobacco bring upon premature graying and aging. As part of the detox, we’re not only suggesting that you bring the intake of the aforementioned to a minimal (if not to a stop), but also increase intake of the cleaning agents such as those mentioned below to repair the damage.

3. Drink Teas and Infusions

Green tea, stinging nettle tea and saw palmetto should replace your daily toxic habits. These are known weapons against baldness because of their constituent elements that prevent testosterone’s conversion into a compound closely linked to hair thinning and pattern baldness.

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4. Massage Almond Oil in the Scalp

Almond Oil

Almond oil has a long list of benefits and nutrients that could be your arsenal against hair loss. To name a few, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E and D, healthy fats, and iron. There’s no better way of getting these nutrients to the scalp than a massage. Massaging allows the scalp to absorb all nutrients and benefits of the oil first handed, turning it into a great hair replenishment therapy.

5. Don’t Fret Too Much

Even in an agonizing life characterized by excessive hair loss, try to chill out. Worrying and ‘losing your hair over it’ will only lead to, well, more hair loss. Stress is a major player in hair loss, especially if you are suffering from the condition called ‘telogen effluvium.’ Meditation, exercise, and oil massages of the scalp as well as the whole body can light the way out.

6. Go Organic

Even though you might be tempted to use that shampoo in shiny packaging, do stop to check if it’s organic. Cosmetic and hair products in the market have so many additives and chemicals mixed into them that there’s no escaping their side effects i.e. hair loss. Go for natural shampoos and serums to put into your hair and mitigate the use of hair accessories, such as blow dryers.

7. Try Designated Supplements

If patient therapy with the above mentioned still bears only a little or no fruit to your hair loss problems, maybe it’s time to give supplements a try. They will fill up the deficiency of all the natural nutrients mentioned above but more efficiently and quickly. There are lots of organic supplements available on the market, buy one after consulting a dermatologist and figuring out the deficiency and best supplement for it.

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