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7 Things No One Tells You about Running

7 Things No One Tells You about Running

7 Things No One Tells You about Running

When you were decided about getting started running, you may have had some friends who appreciate you that it was good idea.  They may be talk to you about its length and benefits. After hearing they drivel on and taking a look at their race medals and toned butt, you thought you did give it a try. But your friends didn’t tell you some of the unexpected truths.

So, it helps you identify what you are getting into, here some truths about running that your running friends may have failed to tell you. Straight if you have been running for a while, its substance trying out this list in case you have nevertheless to determine some of these things.

7 Things No One Tells You about Running

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There will be days when you hate running

Most new entrants have lots of motivation and are eager to do races of all distances. But when you get the training, you can find there’re days when your enthusiasm is declining. When you feel like that, try some of these tips to get your running continues.

Hate Running

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It’s not as cheap as you think

Some people don’t like to spend money on a gym membership, they start running. For running, all you need is a pair of running shoes. Its fine when you first get started but when you get into sport, you must get proper running cloth, water bottles and other equipment, race entry fees and travel, sports nutrition  and injury prevention items, lot of other expenses. But there are methods to cut costs, like you may buy old models running shoes, shop inexpensive running cloth and join free training running group etc.

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Chafing happens

You might require a blister or two on your feet after running. But some people are surprised when they feel the pain of chafing, another common running issue. Chafing is happen when your skin is rubbing against material during a run. Mostly chafing occurs the inner parts of body like sport bra lines and nipples (men). But it’s easy to escape if you don’t dress cotton during runs and use an emollient like body Glide on sensitive areas.

Body Glide

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At some point, you’ll go to the bathroom in the woods

When you start racing, it won’t be long, before you find yourself having to make a pit stop during a run.  But if you feel yourself in a situation when you have to go, immediately and there is not a bathroom in sight. If you are successful, you’ll be near a port a potty.

If you know you’ll be running in those conditions, make sure you must have some supplies ready in case nature calls. For those conditions, you could always pack some tissues or wipes in your running shorts and race belt, use it when you feel the need.

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The laundry never ends

One of my most personal things about running is dealing with the laundry. The problem with those great technical fabrics is that they tend to get even smellier after you run since bacteria from your sweat get trapped in the fibers. So if you wait a couple of days to do your laundry, you’ll pay for it.

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You may miss…really miss it… when you can’t do it

Although there will be days when you dislike running, one day when you are injure, ill or some other issue, you may find yourself devastated and it’s can be extremely painful to be told that you can’t run. It is happen to you, here some tip for you at this time, think positive, don’t abandon running altogether, seek out other stress relievers and stay active.

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You may turn into one of those runners who regularly talk about running

I remember seeing a tweet from Jimmy Fallon that said: “how do you know if someone ran a marathon? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you”. You talk about it, if running is a big part of your life. At the running time mostly people talk about important aspects of their lives, such as their kids or jobs. Try saving the running chit chat for fellow running and exercise supporters.

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