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7 Secrets of Getting Energy for Long Life

7 Secrets of Getting Energy for Long Life

Getting Energy

You have seen sociology is the central point to get success. If you want to be successful then you have to change your nervous system style. If you wish to lead a long life, then you have to change your lifestyle, your face expression and way of breathing process. We adopt many types of ways to change our eating, sleeping habits, and our primary purpose is to get a long and healthy life.

To know about these secrets you have to examine about something like 7 Secrets of Getting Energy for Long Life.

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  • What do you eat?
  • What you drink?
  • How you breathe?

If you want to live a long life and enjoy more than your body needs more energy. If your biochemistry is disturbed, then all your body system is disturb totally. Hare I want to give you an example that if you have most expensive and beautiful car, and you want to drive it on water or bear, then it is entirely impossible. You need a proper car and petrol. Same as your body need a good energy to lead long and happy life.

Now we will discuss how you can provide more energy to your body because when you are giving a good energy to your body, then your intelligence and working style will improve more and more.

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I know the importance of energy for my body. A few years ago I didn’t know about the importance of energy, and I did not give my body a proper energy. As a result, I was not a good social worker. I do many types of efforts and works, but they have not importance for other. I was tired, upset and bored about my way of lifestyle then I decide to give some change in my everyday lives and works. For this purpose, I read many types of articles and book but they everyone has his/her point own lifestyle, I was not satisfied then I examine the life of those people who are successful energetic and healthy. I do the same things that those successful and energetic do and change my lifestyle and then I have found that secret how can I get more energy and be successful in every field of life.

Here I want to tell you that I used to sleep for eight hours, and I have to set more than three alarm for wake up. But I sometimes failed to wake up on proper time but when I change my way of style I can wake up on the correct time without any alarm may be I sleep only for five hours. And I feel more energetic healthy and fresh.

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Power of breathing style

Understand that how your body works, care and grow up your body and then you will get more energy. If you want to be more intelligent than you have to care your body properly. But the question comes in our mind how can we care about our body and how can we give them more energy. The answer is so simple and easy change “breathing system’. Yes, a healthy body depends on a healthy blood circulation and healthy blood circulation can be possible by breathing power.

If you will improve your way of breathing system then it means that you are providing more oxygen to your body cell and in this way, all your body gets more energy and work best.

Now first I will discuss how our body works, breathing process provides oxygen to your body also it control lymph fluid in your body or white blood cell. Lymph system also takes out the toxin from your body. Your heart works as a pump in your body that supplies blood to all your body cell. Oxygen and healthy food particles are in your blood, the healthy particles and oxygen observe in your cell, and the toxin is released from your body due to the active lymph system. And the lymph can be improved if you breathe properly.

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If you lymph system is not working properly for only twenty-four hours, then you will die.

Now you will understand the importance of your heart and lymph system. If you want to improve your lymph system, then you have to improve your breathing system. In many exercises program and yoga expert always tell you how to inhale and exhale properly.

  • You have to inhale and exhale according to this style
  • Suppose you inhale for four seconds
  • You stop your breath in for sixteen seconds
  • Then you exhale in eight second

Why you inhale and exhale according to this style because when you inhale in four seconds it means that you are giving more oxygen to your body, when you stop your breath in four sixteen seconds it mean that all oxygen observes in all your cell properly, and when you exhale in eight seconds it means all toxin of your body release mean your lymph system will improve so always inhale and exhale properly.

Breathing style is the main secrets of successful and healthy life. You have to practice this exercise for at least 10 to 15 times and repeat this process, at least, three times in a day.

If you follow up this routine, then you will always free from tension, stress, and the lake of energy.

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Well, exercise also plays an important role to get fitness and energy. Always do some walk in an open environment early in the morning and take long breathe? Swimming and running are also a good option for you. Many types of other exercises but running and walk are straightforward and easy for you.

When you use it to mean, you are giving energy to your body. Exercise also waste your extra fat that store in you body.

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Use of food that is full of water

Zodiac Fruit Diet

The third secret of getting energy is that you have to use food that is full of water and healthy particles. As our earth consists of 70 percent of water and our body also consists of 80 percent of water. So you have to understand it easily that your body need a proper diet that is full of water.You have to use fresh vegetables and fruits or fresh juice. The juice must be fresh not of a market, Those people who are not using the healthy diet that is not full of water making their health-damaging badly.

You have often listen a man is playing or sitting and heart attack accord. Have you thought why this happen? The mean reason of these incident is that the people are not taking proper diet that is full not healthy and full of water, as a result their body are not releasing toxin from their body and their health become down day by day and sometimes heart attack accrue.

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Eat simple and same combination of diet

A few days ago a man celebrated his 100 birthday, and he is still healthy and fresh. When someone ask about his secret of healthy and long life, then he replied quickly

  • Care your stomach for first fifty years of life
  • And next fifty years your stomach will care you.

Many scientists say that you should avoid these combinations of diet for healthy and long life

  • Don’t eat meat and potato at the same time
  • Don’t eat cheese and bread at the same time
  • Don’t eat milk and oatmeal at the same time
  • Don’t eat fish and rice at the same time

These combinations are the hidden enemies of your health, but i know you want to know how these are your secret enemies?

  • Different food particles are digesting according to different process like rice, bread, potato etc are absorbing using alkali
  • Dairy products and food that is full of protein are digest by using acid

It is the central principle of chemistry that the two type of opposite food will not digest at the same time properly and the food particles that are not understanding properly are the main home of bacteria.Use of a different type of food lost your energy also increase acid in your blood and also disturbs all your cell system.To get more energy you should use the combination of food that is the same type and full of water like water melon.

Don’t use a different type of combination at the same time if you cannot control this habit then you should use some things in lunch, and other can be use easily at the dinner.You should use protein, salad and vegetable at the same time.

The main disadvantage of using opposite type of food is that your body has to serve an extra energy to digest it proper and as a result your energy waste in just a digesting food. So to get more energy you have to use same type of food at the same time.

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Control on your eating habits to get more energyYou are taking lots of junk food

Are you crazy about eating tasty food? Me also crazy about eating, and you know how you can eat more food.To eat more you have to eat less and as a result, you will live for a long period and if you live a long time then you eat more.

From new research, it is proved that if you want to live a long life then decrease your food.

Hare I want to tell you an example a scientist who divide two group of the rat. Group A and group B.

  • He give many types of food to group A and give less diet to group B
  • After fifteen days only 13% rat remain alive and all remaining were dead in group A
  • And 97% rat remains alive in group B.

If animals eat less they can also live a long life.. And the same rule applies to human beings. I also change my habit and eat less, I was crazy about eating, and it is great entertainment for me but now I have changed my habit, and now I am more healthy and fresh all the time.

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Use more fruits to get more energy

Fruits are the complete diet for your body because fruits need very less energy to digest and gives your body many type of benefits. Many people do not know how to eat fruits properly and they will not get proper benefits from fruits.

You should eat fruits when your stomach is empty, and morning time is best for you to take fruits. Eat fresh fruits and fresh juices in your breakfast.

When you wake up, you should take breakfast that is consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. This type of breakfast will give you more energy. Also, it releases toxin from your body. Try this kind of breakfast for 15 days and you will see the difference that how you are energetic and fresh all the day.

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Use of protein to get more energy

High Protein Breakfasts

Use protein in your diet properly. You know when you need most of protein? When you are an infant and live on your mother feed and you know at that time mother milk is consist of only 2.38 at the date of birth and with the passage of time the quantity of protein decrease and remain only 1.2 % of the protein in mother milk.

So we can say that a human being needs only a few quantity of protein.

National  Academy of Sciences says that a healthy man needs only 30 gram of protein in a day, but many scientist says that an average man needs 56 gram of protein in a day.

Let we explain this concept that

  • Your body needs glucose that you can get from fresh fruits and vegetable
  • Your body gets oil from other things like oil, bread, butter etc.
  • The last thing that your body need is protein to get energy. But if you take more protein then your need then  excess protein create more nitrogen in your body that cause tension and tiredness. Also excess use of protein makes your bone week.

If you like dairy products more then you should use green vegetables more and more. In the end, I just want to say that always choose a proper combination of food for your body. If you use my daily routine and secrets for only 30 days regularly, then you feel an enormous change in your life and always feel more energetic and fresher.

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I have discussed some secrets of getting more energy and lead a healthy and energetic life. What is your secret of getting power more share with us? Also, use my secrets and share your experience with us.

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