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7 Reasons Why Cloud Security is Important for Startups

7 Reasons Why Cloud Security is Important for Startups

Security should become a priority routine for every business. Nobody wants their hard worked resources to be flushed away in the hands of hackers and watch their lifetime work be reduced to zero in a matter of seconds. That is why it is better to take measures before and prevent the havoc in due time. This is where an efficient system of security comes in, but there’s a particular type of safety that keeps up with our modern times.

Cloud security has turned from just a luxury to a necessity nowadays. Every employee within a company is storing their work in cloud storage to make it visible and useful for the other team members. However, there are too many ways one can hack into cloud storages, especially the ones that pertain to start-ups. These start-ups are new businesses that work from the beginning with large amounts of information to be able to make room for themselves in a competitive market.

With such an impressive mass of digital resources, no wonder hackers keep a close eye on them. Let’s see what the seven main reasons are that make cloud security is important for startups.

1. Danger Awaits at Any Corner

Man Watching Time

Start-ups usually display a vigorous level of enthusiasm at the beginning, which is something that many international companies have become to be completely depleted of. This pushes them to jump in the middle of the action, which is actually the only way to break the chains of competition and manage to reach the surface of the market, the only place where the prospective clients can see you.

However, the speed with which start-ups manage their new businesses cause them to overlook important steps, like cyber security. One cannot purchase a random software as his only backup. Firstly, start-ups should identify the kinds of threats and be prepared for them. Here are the main concerns a start-up should take into consideration:

  • Stolen Intellectual Property;
  • Stolen funds;
  • Stolen digital resources;
  • Account data breach;
  • Employee information;
  • Email breach;
  • DDoS attacks;
  • Backdoors and Cyber bombs;
  • Marketplace fraud;
  • Hacker attacks.

Most of these primary threats concern the information stored in cloud services, taking cloud security to a whole new level of priority for any size of start-ups.

2. Danger Also Has an Eye for The Clients

Get Input From Customers

As things go between doctors and their patients, so do things work the moment a customer purchases from a brand. The client offers the company a set of personal details that cannot be let to fall into other’s hands. Due to this fact, a bond between customer and brand is made.

The company has to assure the client the privacy of their personal details. The brake of this agreement will trigger dire consequences. The brand will lose the customer’s trust, which will lead to a decrease in conversion, engagement, and, ultimately, to drastically fewer sales. A robust cloud protection will eliminate these concerns and will strengthen the bond between consumer and company.

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3. Protection for Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

Even though products or Intellectual Properties remain unharmed and invulnerable, your brand reputation may suffer a lot after a cyber attack.

Think about it: the hackers can make any content public. They are not limited by any law or moral rules, and any piece of information within a company can be used as a weapon against the business itself. Emails are one of the most appealing sources for hackers as any email can hold important or embarrassing information.

Emails between co-workers may sometimes have malicious tones as work stress can decrease when gossiping. This doesn’t mean that everything in this kind of emails is true, and if they fall into the wrong hands, the brand reputation will suffer.

4. Secure The Collaboration Between Coworkers

Manager Making Budget with Employees

Cloud storage is one of the best tools to ensure a seamless collaboration within teams. Something as popular and easy-to-use as Dropbox is a great option. People don’t have to leave their offices and start a data search among their work colleagues when they need individual updates or vital details for their daily tasks. All they need is to share their work folders with everyone on their team, and the information will become accessible in just a matter of seconds.

However, if the security of data is not activated, the fear of disclosing important parts of one’s work will undoubtedly hinder the employees to leave them in an unsecured digital space. Cloud security can fix this fear with which employees are handling their professional information.

5. The Legal Liability

Legal Liability

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent now that the world of business has adopted the cloud storage as a primary work tool. And no matter the level of complexity a cloud security envelops the professional assets of a company, hackers are always finding ways to bypass the obstacles.

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In these cases, even though important details have been leaked, the teams of a start-up can survive more easily with the right cloud security software. Teams will no longer be torn apart if the liability belongs to the security software from a legal point of view. The health of a company structure can remain unaltered even though the brand integrity is suffering from these hacks.

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6. No More Time Wasted On Internal Security Procedures

Use Smart and Powerful Password

With the right cloud security, employees will no longer have to include time-wasting safety procedures in their daily workflow.

Before cloud security, there were frequent and mandatory security measures that complicated the job of any employee for the sake of the greater good. The codes were changed on a weekly basis, and staff had to choose different weekly passwords that conformed to tedious rules, like the ten digits lengths or the inclusion of numeric digits or QA checks. With a cloud security, these resource-consuming procedures are eliminated.

7. Ensure A Confidential Environment

Business meeting

The best thing about cloud security software is abolishing the feeling of insecurity that most probably any start-up experiences at the beginning of their business.

It cannot be stressed enough how much cloud storage is improving the daily workflow of any employee. Millennials had access to IT starting from their childhood, and they cannot imagine a productive personal or business day without the help of technology. Cloud storage promises them agility, speed, accessibility, and reliability and does its part better than nothing else. So, ensuring an employee’s confidentiality of their workflow erases any inconvenience when using technology.

All in all, it is recommended that any start-up should take cloud security in consideration right from the beginning of their professional activity. Prevention is the key to maintaining cyber dangers away and avoiding any disturbance that can choke a business from the outset.

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