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7 Reasons Why You Should use Highlighter and How to use Highlighter

7 Reasons Why You Should use Highlighter and How to use Highlighter

Makeup Highlighter

Nowadays many types of products are available in the market that you use in your daily makeup like shades, base, blush and many other. But you also hear or see highlighter. Have you used the highlighter in your daily makeup? I think no…. because many women avoid to using the highlighter infect you don’t know how to use highlighter that changes your look and how to apply it? It makes your skin glowing and naturally fresh also make your look younger.

Well, every professional makeup artist must use a highlighter in her/his makeup kit and the ordinary people don’t know the benefit and how to use it on your face. With the help of highlighter you can make your look dull and grassy or beautiful, gorgeous if you know the secrets of applying highlighter.

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What is Highlighter?

Highlighter uses to enhance the feature of the face. It is the lighter shade for skin that is filling with shimmer and glitter. It is available in cream, powder and pencil form. After you have applied highlighter light catch your face, then it wills gives you shimmery, radiant glow and enhance your feature.

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How to Choose highlighter according to skin tone and texture?

Do not choose too light or too dark highlighter for your skin at it will not give you natural look. Commonly when we are using a highlighter in the evening, then silver and white hues are best for you. Peach or golden shades are best for Dark damsels, as it gives you natural look.If you have a pimple or acne on your face, then you should not use red shade for a highlighter.

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What should be the texture of highlighter?

If you have dry skin then oily or creamy highlighter is best for you, and if you have oily skin, then powder highlighter is good for you. Do not choose too shimmery or shiny highlight if you have wrinkles. I use Mac 184 brush for applying highlighter.

How to Use a Highlighter?

How to use Highlighter

Let we talk about how to use a highlighter in our daily makeup. All the reason listed below.

Highlighter makes your look younger

When you apply highlighter on your cheekbones, then it creates dimension and reflects light and shimmer on your face. So this trick will make your look younger, glowing, sun-kissed and fresher.

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Use of highlighter open up your eyes

Hmm, you want your eye to open up, big or prominent then you should apply a small amount of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes then it will be bright up your eyes. Very easy to make your eye more brilliant with the help of highlighter.

Smaller nose by using highlighter

Oh, you don’t like your nose and want to make it smaller and sharp. What should b do to handle this problem, the highlighter will help you? Just apply the highlighter on the down bridge of your nose. Remember the color of highlighter should be 1 or 2 shade darker from your skin tone. You can make your nose sharp easily as you want, and you don’t need any plastic surgery just use highlighter but be careful that you should blend the highlighter properly. If you don’t blend properly, then it makes your look dreadful. After you have blended it properly, then it will give you very natural look.

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Make your forehead polish and glowing

If you want to look your forehead wide then apply a little bit of highlighter on your forehead above the brows, it makes your forehead polished and shimmery. Be careful if you have oily or pimply skin then doesn’t apply highlighter on the forehead.

Use highlighter to lift your feature

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You want to make your eyes more accurate, clean eyebrow visible raised then use a highlighter under your eyebrows and above on. The main thing is that you should learn how to use it and apply it with a trick and use a brush to apply.

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Use highlighter to plump up your lips

You want to make your lips fuller, or bold then highlighter use to get your desired look. Just swap highlighter on the inner part of lips on the center and lower part of lips on the center. You can also apply highlighter on bare lips. A shimmery lip-gloss or shimmery eye shades also use as a highlighter if you don’t have a highlighter.

Easy way to escape dark circle

Ohh dark circle is a big problem, but now you can handle this issue with the simple help of highlighter. It vanishes your dark circle naturally. Just take a creamy highlighter and mix it in eye concealer and apply it under your eyes. This trick will lighter your skin and make your eyes wide.

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