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In this age of technology, everybody has smartphones, and everybody play games in their phones. But now am going to tell you fascinating thing that Stop playing games that are intended just for one player! It’s time to be communal. Head to the App Store and seek out free games that you can play with your friends. It’s a great way to make certain you keep in touch with your buddies if you’re forgetful. Here are some free apps that you should download as soon as you can challenge all of your friends.

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Here are seven newer apps than “words with friends” to start playing. Let’s know about these apps.

1. Brain Wars

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This one is my favorite app, very interesting and enjoyable it’s time to find, once and for all, who’s the smartest personality in your friends. When you will challenge somebody than it’s compulsory for you to play three rounds of random games against them, a few of them test your memorization, some test your mathematical abilities and others test your capability to go behind directions. Whoever gets the most amounts of questions correctly at the end of three, rounds, he is the champion and winner.

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2. Trivia Crack

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This app is very famous and popular and you might’ve take notice of this game earlier than, as it has become favorite and well liked for everyone. This amazing app asks you questions regarding to the history, sports, art, hobby, entertainment, geography, and science. So if you believe you know more about all of those categories than you should play this game with your friends it’s very amusing and knowledgeable.

3. Word Crack

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This enjoyable game was created by the similar people who made Trivia Crack, so do you know it’s going to be very good. On the whole it’s played like Boggle. You’re provided a set of letters and you have to make a lot of dissimilar words out of them as you can make. Don’t worry if you’re confusing for making words, as you’re also allowable to utilize power ups that could help you hit your bestie.

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4. Evil Apples

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This is very amusing game app .Have you ever played Cards against Humanity or Apples to Apples? This game is just like that it provides you a black card and said you to fill up the empty space with one of your white cards. The person who gives funniest reply becomes the champion and winner of that round. This is the exciting game you enjoy because it amused me a lot.

5. Dice with Buddies

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This app is very interesting. Do you really love to play Yatzy? Anyways, now you can play this game on your very own smartphone against your very close friends. Still if you’ve never played it earlier than, it’s very funny and easy to learn, so you won’t have a difficulty against your pal who had years of experience playing with her mom.

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6. CheCkers

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This game app is going to be very, classical for you. It’s one more typical game that you and your friends can get pleasure from and enjoy. If your buddy resides too far away for you, challenge them to a real round of Checkers, and then you can just play it on your smartphones. There’s even an app that allows you to play as it becomes too easy to you.

7. Draw Something

7 Newer Apps than “words with friends” to start playing

This is an oldie and amazing app, you can still play it today. You have to do just draw out whatever word the game provides you. Then the photo is sent to your pal and they have to guess what you created. It’s really very funny and enjoyable if you’re an artist, but even more amusing if you have problem with drawing a stick man.

These are the best apps that will amuse you exactly, what apps are your favorites?  Share them with me! Follow wear and cheer. Thank you.

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