7 Makeup Looks You Can Do with Your Eyes Closed

7 Makeup Looks You Can Do with Your Eyes Closed

Easy Makeup Looks

In today’s life makeup looks to become the part of life. Everyone wants to look beautiful every time and anywhere. Here we are sharing seven makeup looks you can do with your eyes closed.

1. All-over Color

All-over Color

If you have, want an immediate refresh on your face, and you have just one product in hand? Don’t worry this one product give you super duper look and your face looks fresher. Just take an eyeshadow or blush, and dust it on your eyelid and carries down in a C-shape onto your cheeks. After that doing you rub your index finger into powder and wipe it over your lip balm for drag it all together. This look gives you the uniqueness and freshness feel.

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2. Glossy Brows

Glossy brows

Brilliant brown is very attractive look; you can get it in 10 seconds. Glossy brows made your look very surprisingly polished and beautiful. You just use liberally and apply the pads of your middle fingers to form your eyebrows into an arch. You look so pretty if you are daring and attractive.

3. The Smudgy Cat Eye

The Smughy cat eye

This beauty look comes from the Armani Prive Fall 2014 show. It’s so straightforward and elegant also. You have just done the dust with a little gray or black shadow beside with your lashes. After that just dip your finger into the powder, then touch them to external corners of your eyes, draw outwards. Your smudgy cat eyes are ready.

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4. Cream Blush

Cream Blush

Creamy blush is a champion of doing himself makeup in a rapid way, and it made your look flawless. It is very easy, you just rub your fingers into the product and apply on your cheeks protrude. After that doing implement the blush on meant for a few seconds, and then lightly blend up nears your ears. It’s done.

5. High-Fashion Lip Stain

High Fashion Lip stain

High-fashion lip stain look form is the copying of the Mouret Spring/Summer 2015. The product doesn’t yet depart all the way to the edges, meaning you can be as shoddy as you wish. You just apply a little stain right into the middle of your pout and press your lips collectively, rubbing quietly back as well as forth. This look made you the super and everyone thought that you are applying something modern gradient effect look.

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6. Glowy Bronzer

Glowy Bronzer

Glowy bronzer is a very cute look, which made you beautiful, attractive and straightforward. It is very easy to apply. First, wash a bronzer across your nose and then second super youthful. Then use a fluffy brush to sketch a horizontal line as of one cheek across the link of your nose and to the further cheek. After that merge with your fingers to make certain you can perform any tight edges. You just have a beautiful look in the very easily way.

7. A Wash of Pastel

A Wash of pastel

Go for a light, when you contain no way of checking your application. For this watercolor-y eyeshadow that will combine on its own. Get a start at the interior corners of your eyes and pull powder-laden brush crossways your lids, and then go after your inferior cover back towards the inner corner to make a perfect circle. From this, you’ve done your look more attractive in no time and hard effort. Just easy as you like. 🙂

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