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7 Health Benefits of Yoga

7 Health Benefits of Yoga

What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

The general benefits can not be explained in an article or likewise, but I’ll try to explain maximum in my Title 7 Health Benefits of Yoga. Its is actually how you feel the Yoga because it has everything to do with you mind and body. Many books are written to show and proof the benefits of Yoga but in original, my point of view says that it depends on you that how much you allow it to conquer you and let you explore your inner world or peace. The following are the points which are always mentioned when it comes to the advantages of Yoga

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High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

The common phenomenon about practicing Yoga is that, that it will help you to get you out of the hyper body state and will lower your blood pressure. This phenomenon is very common because of the breathing techniques and reducing stress techniques are used. This is not applicable for all postures of Yoga. It is the truth that it happens but not always. There occur changes in your lifestyle as a regular physical activity or helps in stress management which makes you blood pressure lower than before.

No doctor is found in mentioning or recommending it for lowering the blood pressure or even controlling it but once a study was made small, but Yoga was said to reduce the blood pressure by making your mind and body calm and peaceful. Another study revealed that practicing Yoga for an hour in a day for 11 weeks can benefit in controlling hypertension. More researchers obviously have to be made as there is not any accurate and authentic research made on Health Benefits of Yoga. According to the fair judgment, we can at least say that it helps you with you blood pressure issue as it makes your muscles strong, manages your stress and calm you down.

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There is always a great change found in feelings of people practicing Yoga. After just practicing Yoga once in class, people have mentioned a positive change in their attitudes. People have admitted a superb decrease in their tension, fatigue, and aggression. Yoga is an excellent physical activity which makes you relaxed and positively affects your mood.

Cognition and Quality of Life

A group of men and women of about 65 to 85 in ages were made to practice Yoga for six months. In the end, the mentioned a several and positive change in their lives after practicing Yoga like quality life, energy, well-being and free from fatigue. It has also improved their balance.

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A report has mentioned that in almost ninety-eight men and women of 20 to 74 years old, a noticeable change in case of blood pressure was seen. It is worth mentioning that Yoga helps in maintaining or lowering blood glucose. But it is hard to explain that Is yoga responsible for all these changes as other things also play a significant role.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Amazing Physical Advantages of Yoga

People with carpal tunnel syndrome practiced Yoga twice a week for almost eight weeks. The result was extremely positive and in the form of less pain in their wrists that the others who wore a splint on it. The effect may be the result of the excellent grip strengthen exercises in the yoga.

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Strength and flexibility

Men and women were collected from ages of 18 to 27 and were made to practice 2 Yoga sessions which were proceeded with two attempts per week and for eight weeks. The outcome that came was strength in their arms and legs. The flexibility of their different parts was also modified.

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Pose Yoga

Asthma is a breathing-related disease in which he is unable to breathe properly in particular circumstances. Yoga plays a notable role in curing it. Evidence are commonly found that shows Yoga plays a paramount role in reducing the symptoms of asthma and even a noticeable reduction in the medication of asthma. Well, it does not mean that you should leave to consult a doctor for asthma treatment.

It can be said that people who practice Yoga finds it beneficial. I will prefer to suggest you to start practicing and see what it gives you in return. Good Luck!!!

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