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7 Great Apps if You Love Outdoor Pursuits

7 Great Apps if You Love Outdoor Pursuits

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

Hy readers how are you? If you’re a camper, a trekker, a mountain hiker, a cyclist or a horse rider, there are some amazing phone apps for your outdoor pursuits you may not acquaint with it. Here I will tell my readers about those amazing phone apps you will enjoy these apps and get benefit from it. From survival lead to weather news, phone apps for outdoor pursuits tell just about the whole thing you might want to do in the countryside. Here are seven great apps if you love outdoor pursuits. Let us know about these apps.

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1. Us Army Survival Guide

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

It is not a perfect lead that lets you live in the wilds of America’s rough landscape, but, it does give you some exciting details that make you feel very protective during your activity of those tougher areas. Not to give the app too much recognition, but the info in this app may protect your life. People still die from getting missing in the forest, on mountains and particularly in desert regions. These are frequently those areas where phone signals cannot go through, but now your smartphone will help you a lot. You don’t need to worry if you have a smartphone.

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2. Knot Time

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

It is one of the best apps I am going to tell my readers. This somewhat hideous but very helpful remote app shows you how to make knots of various troubles and uses. You would be amazed at how many different knots work with different scenarios. Tying yourself to a tree to do a little climbing is far distinct from the knot you would make use of to drag your car or fix your ship. The knots are prearranged by what they do and where they are most excellent to used. It has videos that show you how to bind each knot, and it has a free version with nine knots videos thrown in for free.

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3. iSurfboard

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

When we talk about apps for outdoor pursuits, it’s tough to top an index of surf spots. Except the surf spot is rather famed, the only technique you can figure them out is to ask people or observe the water. It is not the last directory that it claims to be, but it has some excellent spots that are going to interest surfers.

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4. Cinemafx Video

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

This amazing app will help you if you want to make great videos of your outdoor trip. This app lets you receive high-value videos in different weather and exposure situations. It also enables you to change the videos after they have been taken, so that you can obtain the most excellent color and clearness for your videos. It lets you take and manipulate HD videos, and may be the just right companion for someone who wants to make videos of their endless trips outdoors.

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5. Weather Radar

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

There are numerous weather apps in the market and everybody who gets out and about should have one in their group of apps for outdoor pursuits. This one is just amazing as it lets you expand and increase maps to show you the weather situations you are going to have to deal with at your target/location and on your trip there.

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6. Bike Maps

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

It is an amazing app for bike riders; this app will show you the bike paths around towns and cities. It shows you paths that are laid out on the roads and routes that you can take if you do not mind mixing with traffic. It is most excellent used to find the way to a quicker bicycle route instead of having to go by car. Some of the maps show you an assortment of trails and bike paths so that you do not have to stick to the roads. It is not a fine routing tool, but it is useful for setting up a route; just do not rely on it for your correct locality.

7. Backpacker Checklist

7 Great Apps if You Love Out door Pursuits

Finally the best app for my readers. This app is in fact very helpful for you to have as it runs through a checklist of objects you require. The pre-written lists have items that you would not imagine taking until you were on the other end of the situation wishing that you had them. You can create your lists so that you may keep in mind more particular items such as your solar powered battery charger. Plus, you can insert weights to your list so that you may organize your packs as per the weight of your items.

There’s an incredible collection of apps for outdoor pursuits and actually, for the most excellent collection it is best to look for for general ones that you need like maps and weather but then look for the best for your particular hobby or outdoor obsession. Do you have any suggestions?

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