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7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

A woman poses for the media as she uses a shopping app on her iPhone scanned by a cashier of German supermarket chain Edeka in Berlin

I admit I am an app addict, and I am contemptible. These apps had changed my whole life and as evidence of my addictions, I become a habitual of these apps I cannot live without them, here a list of seven free apps I use every day. There are a lot of free apps out there, and I feel like I’ve downloaded, used, and deleted nearly all of them but there are some free apps that I like, and also I admire. Here are seven free apps I use every day. Let’s know about these apps.

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1. Tiny Tower

7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

It is my favorite app I am entirely enthusiastic about this game! It’s comfortable, attractive, and totally comically, addictive. It is the app I initiate when I’m wedged standing in line. Then this app helped me a lot. The idea of the game? You construct a tower one floor at a time, and fill it with inhabitants, and give them employment and apartments in the tower you’ve constructed.

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2. Instagram

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This app makes your picture sharing practice unique. It has picture filters, frames and much more. Share your photograph with your friends, accept comments and likes on your photos and enjoy. Furthermore, this app gets high-quality updates, and new features added regularly. It is very awesome photo editing and sharing app.

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3. Soundhound

This is also my most favorite app. You’re at the restaurant, and a song comes on, and you really like this song, it’s a song that you know would be featured on the album if they ever made a movie based on your beautiful life. But who sings this song? What’s it called? Don’t ask the self-satisfied hipster barista; drag out your iPhone and open the free SoundHound app. It “listens” to a bit of the song, then searches its database and tells you the artist, song, album, and lyrics. It’s very helpful to me.

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4. Nike Running

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I’m a runner, and there are some apps which help me to run better. My preferred is the Nike Running app; The Nike Running app follows all your runs and assists you to arrive at your ambitions. You’ll acquire the dimension and inspiration you require to run like you’ve never run earlier than. Nike provides you preparation programs, instruction knowledge, and everyday workouts. It’s an amazing app any runner should have.

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5. Npr App

7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

I feel the pride of myself on being knowledgeable, but I’m sluggish about listening to the radio, so I downloaded the free NPR app to stay up-to-date on present events, news, and about society. It is NPR as you haven’t seen it earlier than, in a bright magazine design. I’m not the only one who loves this free app. Moreover, it is marked in the App Store Hall of Fame.

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6. Snap Chat

7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

I love and like Snapchat! It’s not a picture sharing app, it’s not Twitter, and it’s amazing in between, allowing you share a picture with friends for some seconds then it left! I like it for sending my funny face. There’s no way I’d wish for that on my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram for the entire world to see, everlastingly, but for some seconds? Why not? It’s a lot of fun actually.

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7. Aws, Of Course

7 Free Apps I Use Every Day

It is in the list of the most excellent free apps. It is amazing where else can you get your daily shovel of all things wonderful? I love this app as it’s so simple to locate and share stories, and to post replies to the articles I like. Try it, and you’ll love it, also!

With so many fabulous free apps, There’s an incredible collection of apps for your daily use, give me feedback. Do you have any suggestions?

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