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7 DIY Hair Masks for Thin and Lifeless Hair

7 DIY Hair Masks for Thin and Lifeless Hair

7 Diy Hair Masks for Thin and Lifeless Hair

Beautiful, strong, strong hair is every one sincere wish . I would also like to have thick hair, but how you can make your hair beautiful and thick, it’s a big question that comes to your mind but here I will tell you very practical and good 7 DIY hair masks for thin and lifeless hair. DIY hair masks are very useful for your hair and make your hair very beautiful and healthy.Let’s know about these masks.

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1. Chocolate mask

diy hairs mask

This is the magnificent and efficient mask for your hair.I have personally used it. For applying this mask, you need two tablespoons of cocoa, sufficient hot milk to melt the cocoa in, a tablespoon of jojoba oil and the similar quantity of coconut plus avocado oil. Combine it all up, insert little drops of lemon, lavender, geranium plus cedar wood necessary oils plus apply to your hair. Wrap it up inside a plastic bag otherwise plastic foil and discover something attractive to perform throughout the next hour. Once that time has passed, just rinse the mask off with your shampoo.

2. Beer & Egg Yolk Mask for Fine Hair

diy hairs mask

This mask is really very healthy for your lifeless hair with full of nutrients  and with the power to create flat hair and breathtaking– beer is absolutely value trying out. And, in order to create this mask even superior, just put in one egg yolk. So one egg yolk plus 50mls of smooth beer – how easier can it be! Apply this mixture on your wet hair, bind it in plastic and allow it sit above the subsequently 30 minutes.

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3. Lemon Rinse

diy hairs mask

This tip is magnificent and sufficient for tad greasy in the roots and rather dry on the tops, water, make a mixture of equal parts of freshly grasped lemon jug water, it makes your hair very luminous and shiny plus soft. Just massage this combination into your hair, and then apply it an additional 5 minutes previous to you rinse it off. This also occurs to be one of the nice-smelling treatments for healthy hair which means you can affect it after together conditioner plus shampoo.

4. Avocado Pack

diy hairs mask

This mask is really very efficient and healthy for your hairs, and I have used it personally.Take one full-grown avocado, two tablespoons of honey plus 3 to 4 tablespoons of castor oil. Mix the elements jointly to make a smooth paste, mask applies it for an hour and then wash.

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5. Masks for Beautiful Hair

diy hairs mask

This mask is really very good for your hair.Join castor oil with milk and oat flakes which  are very good than insert a little drops of vitamin A to produce one of the coolest homemade hair masks eternally. Massage the combination into your scalp, leave it on for regarding 20 to 30 minutes and observe your hair depart from dull and flat to wonderful bouncy.

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6. Diy Shampoo for Thicker Hair


Do you want thick and healthy hair? Well, here’s one attractive DIY treatment you should absolutely try out. It’s not a mask for well hair but a very healthy  shampoo which you should utilize in your hair care routine.I notice that it really works. Mix one bottle of natural nettle shampoo or baby shampoo, ¼ of a bottle of Panthenol drops, one vitamin B ampoule, ¼ of a bottle nettle leaf drops and ¼ of a bottle castor oil then pour this mixture into a larger shampoo bottle and use as a shampoo.

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7. Potato & Aloe Vera Mask

diy hairs mask

If you really want healthy hair ,take one potato and pressing out its juice than utilize that juice, all along 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 1 tablespoon of honey as well as one ampoule of vitamins A plus E. Rub this blend keen on your scalp, giving yourself a pleasant head massage as you perform so. Depart it on minimum two hours and, for top results, do again this treatment one additional time through the week.

Will you try these masks, if yes than give me feedback .Follow wear and cheer Thank you….

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