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7 Common Tips for Natural Makeup

7 Common Tips for Natural Makeup

7 Common Tips for Natural Makeup

It’s natural that every woman wants to wear makeup to enhance the personality and beauty. But before applying makeup there are some familiar and easy tips that you should follow if you want perfect makeup and gorgeous look. These tips listed below you can follow them easily and get the desired look.

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Clean your face properly

The first step is clean your face properly. Take rosewater and dip a cotton ball and remove all the makeup from your face. Now take a good face wash that is suitable for your skin and wash your face properly. The most important thing is that you have to wash your wash daily and then apply toner and moisturizer according to your skin type.

Apply Foundation According to your Skin Tone on your Face

The Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

Hmm, to choose a right foundation according to your skin tone is an essential part of good makeup. But you don’t have to use too much base. Experts say that if you want to do natural makeup, then your skin will be visible not the base. If you use a moisturizing cream, then it will give you natural look, and tinted cream is very best for the natural skin. Matt foundation will not give you natural look infect Matt foundation will give you painted face only.

Garcia says about Matt Foundation

“If you go to Matt, it starts to look like makeup and not the skin.”

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Apply Bronzer on your Face

7 Makeup Looks You Can Do with Your Eyes Closed


For oily or normal skin powder base, bronze is best. For dry skin, you should use creamy or gel base bronze. You should select the color of bronze two shades darker from your skin, If your skin tone is fairer than peach or pink shade bronze will best. For olive skin tone copper, the shade is suitable. For dark skin darker shade is best. Don’t use the orange shade in bronze.

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Apply blush according to your face

Apply Blush with the help of Spoon

Blush makes your look very natural and fresh. Many women avoid blush, but it will take only two minutes to apply. Choose the color according to your skin tone. Infect when you do exercise or remain in hot then your cheeks color will be change. The color that appears is right to select the blush for your face. You should choose blush according to your lip shade. For fair skin the rose color is best for olive skin peach is suitable and for dark skin tone apricot or even red shade is best

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Apply a perfect glow

Highlighter is very tricky that you sometimes apply wrong. It makes you young and enhances your feature. You should apply it on the top of the cheekbones, the right side of forehead and center of the chin to get a natural look.

Enhance your Eye with Perfect Makeup

Bridal makeup tips for summer-friendly

Apply shades on your eyes. Don’t make your eyes too smoke. Usually, select darker shade then you eye color that makes your look natural. Apply liner neatly and finely a few coat of mascara. 

Have a Beautiful Lipstick

The Ultimate Matte Lipsticks

For a natural look, you should select a shade that is darker from you lip shade. You can select according to your dress or mode. Creamy lip color also looks natural. Do not choose a brown and maroon shade for your lips as it makes your look mature.

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For a natural look, you should care your skin on a regular base. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should be use daily and exfoliate your skin twice in a week. Choose the right makeup according to your skin tone and lifestyle. What is your way to look natural and fresh? Thank you.

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