To get longer and thicker eyelashes is very easy now. Eyes are the main part of human beauty, and without lashes, eyes have no attraction and look rough and dull. So for beautiful, attractive, charming and great eyes, you must need to have longer and thicker eyelashes. Eyes are the great gift of Allah. Every girl wants to have a long natural eyelash growth, but if someone has not long natural eyelashes, don’t worry about that! Today on this topic I’ll have some natural eyelash growth tips for making your eyes lovely, beautiful and incredibly dashing. Nowadays artificial eyelashes are available in the market, you can use them for functions only and try to focus on the growth of long eyelashes.

Easy Ways to Get Long Eyelash Growth

Curling your eyelashes with the help of spoon

There are a lot of tips and techniques to make longer and thicker eyelashes, and definitely, you’ve read a lot of articles and books on this topic, but I’ll explain the most beneficial and perfect ways to make long eyelashes.

Wash Your Eyes to get Long Eyelashes

Wash Your Eyes to get Long Eyelashes

  • First and the most important thing is to wash your eyes with tap water many times a day. Water is the best not only for the skin as well for your hair and body, just read some facts about water to help you know the benefits of water. You’ll surprise, it works a lot to make your eye brighter and longer.
  • You must need to wash your eyes at least 4-5 times in a day.

You must remove your eye makeup daily with rose water before going to bed. There are different makeup tips to make your eyes look longer and bigger.

Use of Brush to Get Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

Use of Brush to Get Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

You should comb your eyelashes regularly, it’ll grow your eyelashes, I know these are small in size, but you can comb your eyelashes quickly because some eyelashes combs are available in markets, which you can use to brush your eyelashes without any problem. After brushing use good eyelash serum.

Use of Vaseline to Get Longer Eyelashes Growth

Use of Vaseline to Get Longer Eyelashes Growth

Use of Vaseline on your eyes will also grow your lashes. It is very economical and will show you result faster.

Take empty mascara bottle, wash it clearly and fill it with Vaseline, now apply Vaseline on eyelashes daily before go to bed. You’ll see good results. Try to use home made makeup, you can make homemade mascara and liners easyly and quickly.

Natural Oil to Get Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

Natural Oil to Get Longer and Thicker Eyelashes


Natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil or any other natural oil can be use to grow your eyelashes.

Take an empty mascara bottle and fill it with any of above natural oil, and apply it regularly on your eyelashes. It’ll grow your eyelashes quickly.

Diet for Eyelashes

Diet for Eyelashes

A healthy diet also impacts on your hair growth, so always take fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat especially takes more fiber in your daily diet. A bad diet will spoil your health, as well as the growth of your hairs and eyelashes, also fall in hair category.

You should take protein in your diet or try good protein breakfast.

Kohl (Cosmetics) for Long Eyelashes

Kohl (Cosmetics) for Long Eyelashes


Kohl is very traditional in our life; Mothers apply Kohl to children eyes as they birth, It grows our eyelashes and also makes our eyes charming, beautiful and attractive.

Apply Kohl (Cosmetics) every night before going to bed.

Mascara or Eyeliners (Cosmetics) for Long Eyelashes

Mascara for Long Eyelashes

Mascara, Eyeliner, Kajal (Alcohol) all are types of artificial cosmetics, you can also use any one of these cosmetics to any function to show you have long eyelashes, it’ll make your eyes look big and attractive.

Caution: You must need to choose all cosmetics of well known brands, instead of fake or cheep rate cosmetics companies, Other wise artificial cosmetics can be harmful for your eyes.


By the discussion of eyelashes, we get an idea it is most important part of our personality, so don’t waste time and try it better as you can.

Hope you enjoy this article and get a lot of knowledge about the benefits of Long Eyelashes, so please let me know with your experience and suggestions, and send me your feedback to improve this article. You can also send me your tips and tricks related eyelashes to share with our readers.