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7 Amazing Makeup Artists you Should Know About

7 Amazing Makeup Artists you Should Know About

7 Amazing Makeup Artists you Should Know About

Makeup enhance our beauty and doing just rite makeup is really a trick though fun, no doubt, magnificent and if you really love your makeup,  you should read about this makeup artists magnificently in this field. All of them had been employed very well whether it’s a relaxed look or the newest beauty fashion. Here I have selected some of the most excellent makeup artists and their amazing work. They are the best makeup artists.Let’s know about them.

Here are 7 amazing makeup artists you should know about.

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1. Scott Barnes

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

Scott Barnes is one of the best makeup artists, he worked really very good in this field. He gone to the New York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design and started supporting fashion photography shoots, and he become one of the best and just amazing makeupp artist he had done makeup of many celebrities,as Jennifer Lopez  ,Kim kardashian  and many more. In Jennifer makeup Scott uses a monochromatic appears of bronzer and pale lips to make a “glow from within.” This amazing look helped him to launch a best-selling beauty item that is, Body Bling bronzer.

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2. Mikala Ewald

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

AWS writer, Mikala Ewald, is one of the remarkable and best makeup artists. Her work has been attributed in magazines, commercials, and fashion programs. Mikala really helped to improve the curriculum for the first makeup creativity program in the midwest and trained the class. I am confident that you have read a lot of about her useful beauty blogs right here on All Women Stalk.  If you’re a fan of Mikala’s work, you can keep up with her at or look for Makeup by Mikala on your preferred social media platform

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3. Val Garland

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

When we talk about Val Garland, she is just amazing. She is M.A.C. Cosmetics‘ most commended makeup artist. She is self asserted “bonkers” and makes use of her madness to form original and gallant makeup looks. She utilizes artistic tools while applying makeup also, such as a potato, , cotton wool, and Palmer’s Glue. Celebrities can’t get enough of Val either. She has done makeup of every celebrity .Her makeup designs have been attributed in magazines, on the runway, at awards shows, and in music videos.

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4. Lisa Eldridge

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most commended and best makeup artists on the worldwide beauty and fashion route. Lisa is recognized for her up to date and modest approach to good looks. Lisa has over 20 years practice and she is one of the most excerpted makeup artists in the past. Not only does she do beauty tutorials and superstar makeup, she also improved makeup line. No doubt she is most demand able makeup artist.

5. Tara Savelo

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

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Tara is very famous for being Lady Gaga’s private makeup artist and bestie. Tara does Gaga’s makeup while in her world trip and has done her makeup for numerous looks, videos, and photographs. Gaga and Tara have made a close friendship. And that makes her more unique about how much she cares about Gaga’s fans. She hangs out with Little Monsters at shows, responds to their tweets and messages, and takes photographs with them on the street. One more thing that makes Tara incredible is that she has lupus – a chronic inflammatory disease where your body’s immune system hit its own tissues and organs – and doesn’t let it slow her down. But her disease doesn’t stop her from achieving her goal. She is really a motivation!

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6. Todd Delano

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

I really like the story of Todd Delano. He worked with Katy Perry .He did her makeover a month ago, she came   to him and asked him to leave his job and become her private makeup artist. Now after years, they are now working jointly. He is the man at the back of Katy’s signature full, dazzling lips and chunky brows. He is just right example of dreams coming true.

7. Lauren Shurney

7 Amazing Makeup Artists

Lauren Shurney, is famous as The Queen of Blending, an a makeup artist since 2005. She improved that she actually had ability and a love for the makeup art and she started taking qualified makeup classes. Her peers called her “The Queen of Blending”. She is renowned for her YouTube beauty classes. Her cut folds are desirable and her looks are generally dazzling and shiny. It may surprise you that several of her customers are brides. It’s confirmed that Lauren is just incredible.

I am a crazy fan of these wonderful makeup artists and trust me they are the best. I really like all their looks from simple and stylish, to the gallant and brave. Do you know of any amazing #makeup artists? If yes, please tell us in the comments!

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